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History, Causes, and the power of Light

If there is an enemy in the world today, it is within. It is in the sense of entitlement, the desire for convenience, and in the divisions that these create within humanity. Aggression of one faction, party, or nation upon … Continue reading

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Correct perception 2

What is correct perception? Correct means that which is done without error. To perceive is to cognize and have something become known through internal sense apparatus. Correct perception, then, is correct knowing accomplished through accurately using the internal senses. The … Continue reading

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Wake Up. Rise Up. Participate. 4

I have every thing that I need. Yet, like a hungry ghost, something inside me says it wants more. But I have every thing that I need. A smile, a long slow deep breath, and I ask inside “what is … Continue reading

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The How-to of it: Naropa 11

Naropa’s journey, like our own, is the Path to Enlightenment. Everyone one day, in an instant never anticipated, will experience that which could not be sought but has been desired since the beginning of time: liberation. Those who have experienced … Continue reading

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