History, Causes, and the power of Light

If there is an enemy in the world today, it is within. It is in the sense of entitlement, the desire for convenience, and in the divisions that these create within humanity. Aggression of one faction, party, or nation upon another is always done with entitlement at its core. Consider so-called Manifest Destiny in the US and the intended obliteration of the Native American population expressly so that newer, largely caucasian Americans, could spread throughout the continent and settle wherever desired, take whatever was desired, and set up a new nation.

Consider slavery and the slave trade. It, too, was driven by entitlement. Modernly, that translates to poverty-entrenched billions of people who work until their death to create the goods and commodities for the fewer billions who can purchase the goods produced by the labors of the impoverished.

I pray and meditate for the comforting of the heart of the family and friends of the victims of the shooting in Orlando. At the same time, I wish that humanity understood the simple condition of cause-result that drives all events and circumstances. Just as an acorn given right conditions will become a majestic oak tree, futility, broken promises, invasions, and devastation will create more of the same. Let us seek to understand the historical reasons and the contexts for the events in the world.

This video is not produced by a national (American or British) corporation such as BBC or PBS. It provides the history of the creation of the Middle East as we know it today and the secret, as well as duplicitous, intentions and actions of the nations then in power to create that which would serve their nations. This, of course, would be at the cost of the newly forming ones.

Please inform yourself such that the disinformation that is fueling aggression and division within humanity not be what determines your thoughts or actions. May clarity and the great light of Wisdom see humanity through this shadowy time.

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