Feel it.

GM_park-600x400Within a couple of minutes, the renewed Intermediate group meditation field was heightened and refined. Ahhh. Nice to be back in the flow of group meditation!

We begin this round of Intermediate meditations with simple instructions (very simple) that led to potent results. That could be so because of the level of practice that the practitioners bring to the group field. Meditation requires practice, effort, time, energy, commitment just like learning any other substantial skill. Meditation in contradistinction to most other skills, however, is completely transferable to the rest of our day, its tasks and relations, and the spontaneity of circumstances. Very quickly in the meditation, we each established Awareness and abided as it and in it.

You can too. The podcast will assist, but your constancy in meditative practice on the cushion and meditative equipoise off the cushion is the true instruction every day.

much love! Glad to be meditating with you again.

You, too, can join in The Practice of Living Awareness daily free online group meditation practice. Simply register for any or all of the levels.

Graphic: from the Global Meditation Network. Check it out meditators! Help the world through your skill.

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