Wake Up. Rise Up. Participate. 4

I have every thing that I need. Yet, like a hungry ghost, something inside me says it wants more. But I have every thing that I need.

A smile, a long slow deep breath, and I ask inside “what is this about?” since I have every thing that I need accessible and without lack.

Ah, it is someone else’s desire that is heckling my contentment. It is a society’s desire that is railing at this peace. If I don’t buy something that I don’t need, then someone somewhere will not increase their wealth. If I don’t spend money, then someone doesn’t receive and keep my money. Yet someone really wants what little money I have.

I look out the window. Nature is settling in for winter. The lake water ripples in the rising sun. Patches of shoreline are still with newly forming ice. The trees are asleep. I need nothing.

The hungry ghost desire dissipates as the figment of imagination that is was. It melted like yesterday’s snow. The world is in its state of affairs because of someone else’s desire heckling us and our sheepish response.

What do you not need today? What has haunted the peace from your mind? What has you in debt? Can you be content today with less?

Wake up. Rise up. Participate in your liberation. The world needs you.

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