Wake Up. Rise Up. Participate. 3

I am Soul;
Source of clear light,
Giver of dynamic life,
Director of all my intentions.

I am Soul breathing.

This mantra was given to students some 15 years ago. Since then, students have continued to receive it, memorize it, and use it. The daily recitation of this mantra reminds one of one’s essential nature and the truth of Being.

I am Soul. The glory and majesty of the Soul in its own right is to be sought. We are that Soul. The fact is that you are so much more than the appearance and habits of mind that you call yourself. Soul in its regal splendor is pure unlimited light. It was there in the beginning and Soul is that light until all life is expressing radiance. Soul is the giver of life to all. Soul is the “great sacrifice.” Soul came into incarnation not for any self-serving reasons but to serve, redeem, and resurrect all forms of life that are not yet fully conscious. In so doing, Soul expands its capacity to do the same.

Additionally, since we are Soul, then we give life to all things we create. The challenge with that is that most people do not understand that they are Soul, thus do not understand the power that is being wielded every moment of every day. We give life to thoughts, ones that are hateful, harmful, and limit as well as thoughts that expand, free, are creative and joyful. We give life through desire and passion to addiction, convictions, beliefs, isms, and jealousies. We give life to others through generosity, kindness, and care. We withhold life essence through miserliness, envy, and greed.

You and I are Soul, source of clear light, giver of dynamic life.

When we remind ourselves daily that I am Soul, we honor our wisdom. “I am Soul, director of all my intentions.” Consider: “director of all my intentions.” This would undo thoughtlessness and habitual unconscious responses and actions. We would stop and truly consider our intentions, then direct them. This means that we would ponder, contemplate, and meditate about anything important. And the things that seem unimportant, like grab and go food or not really be present to someone or any number of examples, these would come under new awareness. We would direct our time, money, words, actions, and energy.

Wake up. Rise up. Participate.

Learn this mantra and recite it every day. Many people have over the years. Every one has reported it to be effective in brining about a waking up within. Many people have experienced an elevation of awareness of self, and a greater participation in one’s life as Soul, as director, as light. Realize: you are more than just a person. You are Soul breathing.

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