Astrology: 2019-2020, part 4: Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn

Both Saturn and Pluto are planets of personal power, rightly or wrongly used, harmlessly lived for integrity and the empowerment of others or harmfully expressed curtailing the ease, joy, or freedom of others. These two planets will dance in and out of conjunction with each other until Saturn surpasses Pluto’s slower pace through Capricorn. The width of degrees that designates a conjunction is generally considered tighter than some other aspects. The horoscope of a child born today would be said to have Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn. They are 2° apart right now. Essentially, however, for the majority of this year and almost all of 2020, Saturn and Pluto will be a united pair. Once the degree spread gets to 5 or 6 degrees in November and December 2020 and when Saturn enters Aquarius in mid December, their energies will be separating and acting individually.

On a macrocosmic scale, the whole of humanity, its interactions with itself and every part of the world, and with the Earth herself as the sole provider of our existence will be our collective playpen (Saturn’s rings). We are the youngest kingdom on this planet and we have a lot to learn. Saturn has put us in a playpen. Our toys are the current undeniable results of how humanity is with itself, with other species (plant and animal), with the water, soil, and air that all living beings depend upon as well as the oceans from which we all arose. How we are with ourselves is currently predatory, for the most part. Drug companies peddle their wares, but they bring more long-term harm to the body than the temporary or short-term relief. Companies focused on fossil fuels have lost sight of the fact that all life on Earth will be the next fossils that Mother Earth will decompose into some other form for her use due largely to the overuse of current fossil fuels. Governments, autocracies, and any other mechanism that systematically fosters and supports separatism in any of its forms is doomed, even if not under the stars of this immediate year or two cycle. The forward moving energetics of the planets, stars, and of incoming Ray cycles, as well as the consciousness level of many who are incarnating will see to it that the old ways of harm, division, bigotry, and usury do not continue. There is no future in them because there is no future if they are continued.

If these two planets and Capricorn’s overlay of influence are transiting your natal chart, use this cycle of transformation for all that is possible. We, too, must leave the past behind, put away old habits of self-importance or self-neglect. With cardinal forward motion, follow-through, and conviction in our capacity, we must simply transform it. We are living in times of great opportunity for awareness, compassion, kindness, shared responsibility, and personal integrity. We are living when the world’s seas are already flooding numerous coastal areas of the world, when all types of storms have become more violent and destructive, and when plant and animal species world-wide are disappearing at catastrophic rates. You and I must change what we can without reservation; and, together, we have the power to do so.

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