Astrology: 2019-2020, part 3: Uranus completing Aries and into Taurus

From September 2018, Uranus has been retrograding its last time through the final degrees of Aries. That retrograde began, however, at 2°♉︎. In other words, Uranus has already put its toe and its seeds into the fertile ground of humanity’s consciousness through the fixed earth sign of  Taurus while, at the same time, offering its deconstructive energies and insights to humanity’s Aries ways. We witness both.

The autumn and early winter were when the Brexit decision was to manifest a plan for exit including a sustainable Britain and ease for Britain’s citizens with Europe and vice versa just as has been experienced since the EU began. But it didn’t. The older population is largely who voted for Brexit in the desire to protect and hold old ground (ram) as Europe experiences – frontline- the continued ramifications of the economic disaster in 2008 and migrations of millions from war promulgated by distant powers (Aries) into European nations. Also, lower Aries bluster, argument, and hands-on-hips posture was displayed by both Kim Jong-un and Trump, Trump and China regarding trade and tariffs, and in the US through the confirmation processes of Brett Cavanaugh to the Supreme Court. It was equally displayed in the posture of voting America with the mid-term elections. Record change happened: more women, more varied ethnic backgrounds, and Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives illustrating the quantity of Americans who had hands on their hips.

Aries energy, as well as Saturn moving into Capricorn and Pluto at zenith degrees of Capricorn, contributed mightily to how these events played. The seeds of Uranus in first degrees of Taurus are also recognizable. These include an every-five-years study by the US government on global climate. The report was lengthy and non-deceiving. It holds that climate change is real, its extreme trajectory is man-made, and the billions spent on disaster relief is going to become trillions in the US alone. Comprehensive solutions must be devised, invented, and implemented immediately. Uranus in Taurus is saying “spend the money how you will,” (Taurus is coinage, dinero, and value.) “but, it might as well be spent on that which improves the situation rather than cleans up after it repeatedly.” Europe and the world’s fixed stance (Taurus) on previously agreed upon initiatives to remedy the man-made sources of pollution and greenhouse gases has been firm. These initiatives are based upon Uranian ideals and process: collective discussion and compromise, new technologies, new views on old ways of living which begin to adjust the ideas of entitlement, greed, need, focused on a better and livable future. Trump’s unilateral decision to leave the group while also attempting to deregulate America’s dirtiest fuel source (coal) demonstrate Uranus in Aries on a low turn of consciousness as Uranus also danced through 28 and 29♈︎. BTW: the president’s thoughts and actions were not agreed with nor appreciated by the majority of the American public. The tables will turn in 2020. 

Anyone with planets, ASC, or points of importance in their horoscope at 28 or 29 of any sign, you have felt this last and potent retrograde of Uranus in Aries. But, then, you undoubtedly have been rocked or tilted by Uranus’ backing and forthing through most of 2018 (from mid April onward). If a natal luminary is being transited, then please examine your personal volatility, aggression in any form (which might not be obvious), your desire or demand for a particular way with things, as well as the discontent in you and others that this/these personal behaviors and preferences generate. Uranus illumines like lightning illumines the dark sky. One’s acknowledgement of anything beneficial or detrimental within one’s self is always positive and supports change. Uranus then, as catalyzer and re-inventor, will show one the way to change. If your ASC is being transited, then now is the time to learn to meditate, to contemplate the truths you hold dear and if they are true, to align with and seek out the qualities of the Soul that you are, and to open oneself to fresh inspiration, invitation from higher self, and be joyful with the qualities of inner being that are trying to come forward, be revealed, and restructure your sense of self. Deconstruction has been trying to happen or has been through this many month cycle. Let it. Truth of being, wisdom, and equanimity with life are joyful and productive.

Uranus turned direct at 28°♈︎ on January 7 of this year; but it was stationed at 28 coming out of retrograde and then going direct from December 7, 2018 through February 6, 2019. I have felt Uranus’ influence because my Moon is at 28°♌︎. Uranus is moving slowly, as the outer planets do; on March 7 it entered Taurus. By the end of March, it will be humming along. Uranus stays direct until September 1 this year, then at 6°♉︎ stations in order to retrograde. That station lasts a mere 20 days. But in mid-December, Uranus stations at 2°♉︎ until February 8, 2020. Then through the entire year of 2020, Uranus plays within the first decanate of Taurus, reaching 10° in early July and stationing at 10° through most of September. This is significant.

The first decanate (decan) of any sign seeds, initial sprouting, and seeing if conditions are brought forward within humanity to foster development. The sign before us is Taurus. It is the second sign of the zodiac and, interestingly, divine wisdom put an earth sign after a fire sign – that of independence. It’s as if humanity is immediately reminded of its relationship to the Mother Earth that gave rise to our sense of independence. Scientific predictions and on-the-ground evidence state that humanity must act now regarding how it lives on and with Earth. Acting independently, in deference to the interconnectedness of everything on Earth has cause nothing but problems for all being. Uranus in early degrees Taurus will support an unmistakable understanding of this as well as implementation. Taurus also rules finances, micro and macro. Uranus is sheer, clear, concise, and fosters truth. The truth is that capitalism does not well serve humanity or the planet. It is a predator-prey model and human beings can devise something better, certainly more humane. Watch who comes forward, what is made plain, and how the tottering economies of several countries, including the USA, will respond to Uranus in the first decanate of Taurus. *If most of your resources is in the stock market, I and many others are suggesting you get it out. Keep your money in a usable and accessible form. A small loss now beats a complete loss in the short years to come.

In a way, all of the outer planets are game-changers. This is due to the slowness of their movement, hence their particular energies and qualities have time to seed, or sprout, or reveal the need for change and the specific change that is needed. Then, the planet’s qualified force will act according to the degree of the planet and the sign it is in. Uranus has been in Aries for years. Aries rules the head. The head can be used to butt heads, to be a smart mouth, or can be used for creative and wise thinking and dialogue. When the head is linked with the heart, then revolutions with resolutions can happen. This is because Uranus is actually the hierarchical ruler of Aries (Mercury its esoteric ruler). As Uranushas proceeded through Aries, one could suggest that the evolutionary potential of both planet and sign have been massaged into the collective consciousness and that, like Athena from Zeus’s head, is ready to spring forth fully formed. I think it is very possible that the first decanate of Taurus will reveal the evolutionary directives that have been brewing. Look to 2020-2022 for what has been organizing and being visioned by those whose view is whole-istic and forward-thinking (Uranus) but has been quietly yet steadfastly germinating (Taurus).

Taurus rules resources and talents (double meaning here: talent is the old word for coins), what is valued or devalued, and offers a felt-sense of the interconnectedness of things. Practically applied, Taurus understands that good things take time, effort, appropriate decisions made, and then more effort, dedication, and follow-through. But, Taurus is up for it and enjoys each part because each ensures the end result. In general, all the earth signs have these attributes in common. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn are the earth signs.

Harmony, beauty, design, and the integral components of harmonious design are what Taurus looks for and would prefer to see expressing in the world. Add Uranus which cultivates systemization, intuits potential and long-range results, and drives all toward greater light, clarity, or transparency and this combination could pulverize current ways of greed and death and replace them with projects and programs that are globally responsible and environmentally responsive. Humanity will still have to endure and survive that which we have created. The seas will rise; temperatures will also. Many of the insects that pollinate the plants that produce the food that we and livestock eat will die (and are). Water will become more scarce, and a significant portion of what remains will be polluted. These are the results of humanity’s desire to take and have as if separate from the inter-beingness and holistic functioning of Earth. Our karma must be lived. But, just as you and I are currently living out the results of past actions and decisions and simultaneously seeding and working for that which is better, humanity will too and will survive. The younger generations will do their very best to ensure that.

If you have planets, the ASC, or a significant point in your horoscope at 0-2 of any sign, now through April is relevant to you, your spiritual Path, how you currently live your life, and the future of the rest of your life. Uranus transiting will bring clarification, even possible inner declaration. Uranus’ insight and wisdom together with an invocation to right response are calling you to a macrocosmic need. That which is more than you on any or every scale is invoking you to step up. Forget comfort, ditch preferences, undo the tightness and control of your life and get dirty (Taurus)! You are your own garden, your own project of harmony and grand design. Use this second pass of Uranus in the initial degrees of Taurus for every understanding and letting go possible. The example before us is the Buddha who left everything behind in order to actually serve everyone he left. Then, under the immovability of Taurus energy, he sat in the relentless dis-covering of causes, conditions, and results. Underneath all causes that we put in motion, veiled by all conditions that seem to drive our life and responses, and hidden within all results that come forward is the deeper being of Being. We are to uncover the same on our level and in our way. Then, as Einstein said, a problem cannot be solved from within the problem. You and I cannot transform our status quo while trying to keep the quo. Our world, family, colleagues and friends need each of us to step up, step out, and get in step with the newness that is inner Being and the newness in thought and action that the world needs. Innate being is consistently fresh, true, and limitless in its potential. If you are experiencing Uranus in Taurus rattling your cage, it’s to remind you that you are in one. These two months are evolutionary for you. Please engage them that way.

Uranus proceeds to 6°♉︎ by August, then stations at 6° until September 19 to retrograde. Uranus retrogrades the rest of 2019 and into 2020 until February 1 at 2° 51″♉︎. The whole month of January 2020, it will station at 2°. It will be direct until August 16 at 10°♉︎, and in perfect timing for the new nominees (right, left, and middle) for the presidential election of 2020. Lightning will flash, substantial information will be revealed, and – this time – the American public will want new, true, and forward directed. Bombast and bullshit will be over.

Uranus in early degrees Taurus transiting your chart:

  • mundane: Uranus transiting will bring the feeling of being caged and wanting to break out and break free. It is vitally important that you let yourself feel this. Don’t run away from it, numb yourself, or distract yourself from these feelings. Feel how frustrated or impotent or bored you feel. Sit down and contemplate this feeling. “What is this frustration about?” “What am I trying to free myself of?” “What in me wants to be used freshly?” Let Uranus’ insight process reveal you to you, then take action; otherwise nothing will change. The planet being transited is both a default pattern that Uranus is trying to purify and redesign and also is the very talent or potential that you have not used fully in your life. There is more to you and to that planet than you have expressed so far in your life, your service, your relationships, and in your community. Be daring, break free. You’ve got nothing to lose!
  • spiritual/esoteric: Uranus is the wisdom of the Soul, the triad, the higher nature, the pure/true inner being. Uranus’ power lies in its flashes of insight and revelation but also in its spontaneity. Personalities prefer routine, status quo, same old same old because the personality likes to feel in control and familiarity. Pure being is radical, is empty of preferences; pure being avoids nothing because no thing factually exists as we hold it in our minds and feelings. On the spiritual level, Uranus transiting your planets or ASC is reminding you that you are pure being, you are the Soul incarnate, you are the wisdom and compassion and creative solutions that the world, your family, your community, your life needs. You – displayed in the qualities of the planet or point being transited – are the radical ingredient that is needed right now in your local world. As said before, show up! Radiate; illuminate yourself through serving others. The reorientation that Uranus is supplying is that of inner truth and truth of being.
  • evolutionary/hierarchical: Uranus in Taurus, together with Saturn and Pluto moving through Capricorn, plus Jupiter and Neptune (those posts still to come), will redirect humanity and support humanity through the growth curve and stabilization of necessary reorientation. We have no choice collectively. Humanity has destroyed itself and much of the planet at least twice in the Atlantean root race cycle. Let’s not do it again. Though Uranus does not rule Taurus on any level, the enlightenment of the Buddha is an epitome of Uranian expression. It tells us that expressions of light, wisdom, newness, and categorical change for the better are  being offered to humanity through this cycle. On an individual basis, open to this transit for all it can reveal. Be fearless. Personality will cry and moan and do the “poor me” litany, but, my friend, you are not your personality. Last life you were someone else and next life and all to come you will be someone else as well. You and I are truth of pure being with all that entails. If this transit is upon you, as the Buddha said, “Be a lamp unto yourself. … Master the as yet unmastered.” Or as the Marine slogan goes, “Be all that you can be.”

Graphic: Herbal Garden by unexperienced on DeviantArt

(Next in the series, Jupiter completing Sagittarius and entering Capricorn.)

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  1. Have you heard of Deep Adaptation? It is a paper that is at the forefront of the movement toward waking up the population as to what is happening. Indeed it is saying that we are approaching near-term extinction, and we must adapt in unprecedented ways to the changes coming. Although I think that the strongest and most loving of human spirits may be capable of bringing about a new way, the fact of the matter is, we have caused so much destruction that is now gaining so much movement-intertia, that the word “catastrophe” may barely cover the reality that is coming. And, to think that we are exempt from natural causes, is indeed hubris. Whether we survive the upcoming few years is unknown, yet. I do think that anything is possible, including miracles, but we cannot rely on fantasies either. Either way, if we are able to survive and even thrive in the upcoming time, there is no real way to talk about how, using this English language. It will be by the power of the Spirit that this would be accomplished – through sacred sound waves and ancient magical techniques, and yes, through the skills that meditation uses – breath, visualization, focus, etc.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I am unfamiliar with this paper but will check it out. Overall, I agree with you and with other thoughtful people that the Earth, humanity, and current human ways of living are all in significant change. Humanity does nothing easily – especially change. We cling to fantasies of tomorrow and transcendent or extra-planetary being or Hierarchy, etc who will assist our man-made deluded references of reality. Awakeness in all and every form is what is before us. Humanity is like a person with a new diagnosis or car accident who looks at the event. We must see it as a wake-up call and change accordingly. Since humanity does not easily change, reincarnation into the mess will be the mechanism used by the majority.

      light and love

  2. Bonnie Orgren says:

    Donna, exquisite, bliss to read, blessings of gratitude

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