Perfect: 1

My car just got towed and I am happy because it is perfect.

From the moment it meditatively became clear that I needed to strike out and more fully engage inner reality, blessing and protection has met the journey. The blessings have been in the form of bon voyage blessings and joy, just enough abundance, and sanctuary. Blessings have also taken the form of what would be called hardships by some. That frimages-1ame of reference is not my view. Instead, my direct experience is that hardship or ease is in our mind. Even when the ups and less up of my physical body require crawling on the floor as the easiest and safest way to get to a different room, I find it fun. Sometimes I have to stop because I’m giggling too much, or else I will fall over Rowan and Martin Laugh-In style.

A kind young man just dropped me at the house and towed my car to a reputable mom and pop garage. The starter quit 2 miles from where I’m currently living when I stopped to get water. It’s perfect in every way.

  • My car is thirteen years old and in great shape. Yet car’s need parts replaced sometimes. It’s perfect that it happened close to the house.
  • This car and I were almost home from a spontaneous dharma trip to Chicago from Madison, Wisconsin. It’s perfect that this happened close to the house instead of anywhere along the way or in Chicago.
  • There is food in the house that had been laid up from the farmer’s market into the freezer. There are also beans in the pantry, the two tomato plants yielding their heirloom fruit, plus basil and cilantro to be picked. It’s perfect that this happened not only here, but that these squirrel treasures will get used up before it’s time to leave.

The tow man and I talked about his job. The truth is that he rescues many people every day, sometimes with a little Sherlock Holmes figuring out involved. I could feel the wide ranging training that he is living: training in composure, in right relations, and in kindness almost no matter what is thrown at him. My entire journey since embarking from Spirit Fire’s sacredness at the end of May has been a series of reflections. Everything is meditative and a source of the profound. This man, father of five, home for fresh cooked dinners everyday, cherished dying mother-in-law spending her last months with them in his home, this man is living the richness of his life. Rich in love, in happiness shared with others, abundant in the riches that come from unflagging generosity of the spirit and heart. His is a life of abundance in all shapes and sizes, most of them not purchased or stored away from thieves. Perfect again. Why? Because the simplicity of love and the simplicity of common wisdom make our life rich and full of riches. We might be poor financially but not so in the bank account of wonder, gratitude, and seeing as perfect all that comes our way.

When I was diagnosed with MS thirteen years ago, I smiled. Not because of some morose self-loathing, but because it was perfect. MS would guide me, teach me, slow me down, make me think, put me on my butt where I could meditate and write, read and meditate more. It was perfect then and continues to be so now.

May you also see the riches and perfectness in your day no matter how they appear.

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  1. We might be poor financially but not so in the bank account of wonder, gratitude, and seeing as perfect all that comes our way. – This is a great quote! I have an old car also that needs new parts from time to time. I appreciate and am inspired by your graciousness towards yourself and others.

    peace, Linda

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