Astrology: 2019-2020, part 2: Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto is traversing through Capricorn at its typical turtle’s pace. In January, it was at 20°♑︎ and now in March is at 22°. Through the entire year of 2019, Pluto stays within 20-23°♑︎. It stations at 23°♑︎ from through April and mid-May, then at 20° for all of September, October, and the first week of November. Then in mid-February of 2020, direct at 24°♑︎, it begins another protracted stay lasting through early July 2020 at 24°♑︎. This will likely be significant on the world scale, in nations individually, in political and financial systems or processes, and for anyone who personally has a planet or important point at that degree in any sign. Pluto will energetically be retrograde beginning halfway through that period and then will hang out at 22°♑︎ from mid-August through mid-November. It turns direct during that timeframe and is direct as 2020 ushers in 2021.

Pluto’s movement and force is like a glacier and also like a volcano. Both have an imperceptible quality to them. A glacier moves slowly, unnoticed by the human eye, except now in the speed of their worldwide melting. It is under the glacier, however, that its force is working on a monumental scale. Lake beds are gouged out of mountain valleys. They will be filled by the glacier’s own melt water as it dissolves and reveals its eons of work. Huge boulders are carried along within the body of the glacial ice, some bigger than a house. But, these behemoths are no match for the unrelenting and irrevocable power of the glacier. Similarly, Pluto exerts an uncompromising force on humanity and human structures in Capricorn. I wonder about the slow-crawl of Britain to figure out the Brexit situation as an example. The older generation and those motivated by fear won the Brexit vote but they will not inherit the results of that vote. The younger generation will, and they see the value in collaboration and collective integrity. All nation states supporting each other in freedom and free movement with each accountable to the well-being of the whole which will serve the well-being of the one. Pluto, like the glacier, offers another look at what was underneath but unknown in the psyche of humanity.

Pluto’s volcanic power can be blatantly violent and destructive. It can also take people by surprise. It is usually the scale of an event and its fallout that are mind-boggling. But, like a volcano, what is going on inside it – in its depths and bowels – is largely imperceptible. Now, modern science has instruments that listen for its rumbling, but the analogy is illustrative for how Pluto works.

Since the work of the planets is in service to the long-term good and evolution of humanity on Earth, then that which destroys is making room for that which supports life and spiritual progress. Humanity has been living with the incremental effects of climate change, as example, for decades but to revolutionize how we live on this planet and with this planet has not yet happened. Pluto in Capricorn will do its best to direct humanity to change its ways, change its priorities, with no more discussion about it. This is like a person who has a minor heart attack and is told that he or she has clogged arteries. That person has been clogging those arteries for most of his or her life by the choices made daily. The heart attack leaves little to no choice about future habits and behavior if the person wants to live. Pluto has been waiting for humanity to choose rightly and wisely, but waiting is almost over.

If you have a planet, the ASC, or other vital point of your chart at the degrees that Pluto will station, take note. Anyone who has a point that is between 20 and 24° of any sign, this year and into next are important. Pluto’s aspect to your natal planet or ASC should be viewed for the deep catalyzing that it wants to bring spiritually, personally, psychologically, and in the life habits and patterns that one lives. Like a glacier or a volcano, Pluto’s power is bigger than any excuse, rationalization, or desire for status quo that one has. Pluto is one of the most powerful tools of the Soul when it is transiting one’s chart. The Soul will use Pluto to transform whatever it touches. The natal planet being transited is what is being touched and will be so for well over a year.

Pluto transiting a planet, the ASC, or a significant point in your chart

Pluto rules discoveries and uncoverings. It digs, dredges up. Pluto is the energy of tectonic plates lifting mountains. It is a pressure-driven, unrelenting, uncompromising energy. It is forceful and will feel forceful when one expresses it – if Pluto is significant in one’s natal chart – or by transit. Pluto is associated with the underworld; this means the psyche, as well as secrets and that which is purposefully hidden. If that is done to protect one’s ego or one is telling lies to cover up a dark, malevolent action or thought, Pluto’s transit will bring such things into the light. This will happen on a world scale as well as individually through its transit to one’s chart. Some basics of Capricorn were already explained. Pluto can enhance the potential cruelty of Capricorn or the aloofness, detachment from the results of one’s actions or words. Therefore, be aware that harshness or violence in thoughts, words, or deeds are supported by this energy within one’s self and within the world, especially leaders.

  • mundane/traditional: Pluto transiting a point in one’s chart is rarely easy when lived in a traditional way. Pluto will use any and all life circumstances to bring one to one’s knees, to exert pressure over one, to take things out of one’s control, and – at least for a while – render one powerless. All of this is to help us come to understand how controlling of our life we are, how circumstances arise as they do and that is unpredictable, or that one has been wasting one’s power, using it mindlessly or cruelly, and Pluto transiting is doing all this in order to illumine. Pluto wants us to see our self nakedly. We are mortal, vulnerable, comfort-driven, and habitual. Pluto says, “Well, if I take you to the underground where nothing is as you are used to, what then? If I take you to where you are afraid to go in your emotions, in your thoughts and hold you there, what then?” We must surrender to Pluto; because with that we are surrendering to truths like mortality, fragility, arrogance, denial, and how one lives that is less than Presence. The natal planet or point being transited will describe the focus of Pluto’s work in you and your life.
  • spiritual/esoteric: That force that lifts mountains, that swirls in tornadoes or hurricanes, or that seethes at the bottom of the ocean, that force of Pluto is the force and pressure of the Soul or triad or intuition or of pure Being. Pluto’s spiritual work is two-fold: to purify and to transform, both radically and fully. The natal planet or point being transited is what is being purified and transformed. If that natal point is in aspect to others in the horoscope, then all of  them are being transited by Pluto in Capricorn. The cardinality of Capricorn and its ability to climb the highest mountains, to see clearly from those heights, and to master the as yet unmastered within oneself will augment Pluto’s lack of compromise. This is a powerful cycle of opportunity for one. Live it well and fully for deep transformation that it can provide and produce.
  • evolutionary/hierarchical: Pluto is not a hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, but Pluto’s evolutionary seeds are being planted by the processes of powerlessness, out of one’s control, and the surrender necessary to such life events and circumstances. Pluto does not suggest rolling over and dying, necessarily, but mirrors to us that our common approach to problems will no longer work. Whether that approach has been hubris, or denial and avoidance, or half-measures, if one surrenders to the fact that these don’t work, these are actually perverted in their view, then one is on one’s knees in contriteness and humility. That is good evolutionary ground and the foundation for profound resurrection within and substantial spiritual transformation. Then, one is an agent of positive and powerful change in one’s world.

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