Astrology: 2019-2020, part 5: Jupiter in Sagittarius and in Capricorn

Jupiter is in a sign for approximately 11 months. It is the fastest moving of the planets taken up in this series. Neptune and Pluto are the slowest. (Neptune’s article follows this one.) In January, Jupiter was at 11°♐︎; today it is 23°. Jupiter stations at 24°♐︎ for most of April in order to retrograde. Then, it retrogrades to 14°, hangs at 14, 15, 16°♐︎ all of July, August, and most of September due to going direct again in August. Jupiter’s direct motion will carry it across the threshold of Capricorn in early December, and 2019 completes with Jupiter at 6°♑︎. It continues  having a good time until May 2020 at 27°♑︎ (yup, that’s right: 27°♑︎!). Stationed at 27° for a few weeks, it does an about-face and retrogrades until mid-September 2020 at 17°♑︎. Jupiter completes 2020 at 2°♒︎.

Jupiter can bring blessings. It is considered one of the two gift-givers of the planets; Venus being the other one. Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter represents big, expansion, abundance, ease, and that which is provided. Big includes big pharma, big bureaucracies, obesity, big profits made by the few and big struggle lived by everyone else. Though Jupiter is generally considered positive, it also displays the largess of things or ideas or concepts and institutions that over-shadow, loom large over, or roll over the little guy or gal in a machine-like, oblivious manner. In these cases, one wants to see Jupiter move into a sign that will shake things up, recognize disparity and, with large mindedness-and compassion (Jupiter), come up with ideas and solutions for the hardship lived by the majority.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the sign that it rules traditionally. This fosters an ease with the energies of both planet and sign, but not necessarily on their wise or higher turn of the spiral. Common Sagittarius is gregarious and not necessarily motivated. That’s a kind way of saying lazy. Mundane Sag. can be off having a good time but rather oblivious to the plight of those around one on the trip. Once self-awareness has begun to awaken with the person with strong Sagittarius, a dynamic shift in perspective ensues. The person will be more thought-full; thinking, pondering, contemplating, forms of analysis, and musing will be the preferred mode of activity. Doing so widens frames of reference, exposes one to the conditions of others and the world. Doing so opens one’s eyes and thus one’s heart. Now, Sagittarius is motivated to do good, to be a better person, to help make the world a better place (intermediate Sagittarius).

Higher Jupiter expresses in truly putting others first, working and living for their well-being. Higher Sagittarius offers discipline and structures one’s motivations. This demonstrates that both feet are on the spiritual Path regardless of one’s tradition, including agnostic or atheist. The key, here, is the discipline. This is a word usually associated with Saturn, but higher Jupiter provides  commitment and dedication to the higher ideas and ideals that one has aligned with through contemplation and empathetic observing of the world. It is a devotion to magnanimity that stabilizes with higher Jupiter and its all inclusive benefit to all. Sagittarius, then, rolls up its sleeves and works tirelessly. Laziness has been left behind. Joy and energy go together. Both are higher Jupiter and both flow when the heart is directing the head in wisdom and compassion.

Higher Jupiter is strong, brave, diligent, ethical, and egalitarian. Higher Sagittarius is philosophically oriented which means truth oriented. As a result on the collective humanity scal, justice or equality and equanimity will want to demonstrate more readily through governance and the institutions of the world. Public-will for change could voice during Jupiter in Sagittarius. Under the influence of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, leaders, corporations, and institutions first response will likely be to dig in their heels so as to maintain the ways of constraint, but that action would be lower Saturn, Pluto, and Capricorn. In 2020, when Jupiter is in Capricorn, it might temporarily embolden the powers-that-be, but the people will take that to heart (Jupiter),  stand up and stand strong. Again, the election cycle in the US should be quite a show.

Abundance, ease, and needs provided for will take on a farce-like or caricatured nature when Jupiter stabilizes in Capricorn in 2020. Only the few have abundance, only they have ease, and the common person’s needs are not provided – not even with two adults in the same household working. The pressure of Saturn and Pluto will be exaggerated by Jupiter when all three are in Capricorn. As in the movie Network, everyday citizenry will say, “I’m tired and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” May it be so as Jupiter thickens (appropriate word) the already boiling stone soup (Capricorn) in play for humanity.

Jupiter and Pluto are tightly conjunct for most of 2020. The power-hungry megalomaniacs of the world will feel indestructible, but their displays and their bullying will only highlight their disconnectedness from reality and the rest of humanity. All of November 2020, Jupiter/Pluto are joined by Saturn in conjunction in Capricorn. Also, each time the Moon rolls through Capricorn (for 2 1/2 days during each sign through the year) will be a potentially volatile cycle. The Moon represents comfort and security, protection and emotions. This combination (Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn) will trine Uranus in Taurus for the hour or so that Uranus and the Moon are in exact trine. Watch out. Watch the stock market, possible attempts to abscond personal rights and freedoms, and watch for aggression waged in the name of security as well.

Jupiter in Sagittarius transiting points in your chart during 2019. The first thing to remember is the rapidness of Jupiter’s motion unless it is stationed. It, like the other visible planets in the solar system, touches a person’s chart and moves on. Saturn is the exception of the visible planets. It takes approximately 2.5 years to move through a sign, more than double that of Jupiter. (planetary orbits) Jupiter’s potential blessing, then, is for one, a couple, or few days in exactitude to a point in your chart, unless it is stationed at the degree of something in your chart. A perfect example of the brevity of beneficence is winning the lottery or finding money in the street, thinking you owed money to the IRS but discovering a refund instead; a gift being given to you; a raise, promotion, or accolade given to you; or an opening of your heart to yourself that liberates you from a suffering.

  • mundane: Sagittarius offers travel – by book or internet, by bike, car, plane, or hiking. Cultures and first-hand experience are Sagittarius also. As such, you might find yourself trekking, exploring, or researching other cultures and locations of the world. Sagittarius also can be distracted, not follow-through, not have saved the funds necessary for a trip, or have whimsically spent the money on something else. Though strong Sagittarius in one’s chart will give one the buoyancy that shirks off the trip not taken, a transit to your chart might be highlighting the choices made that resulted in staying home, in nothing new and nothing changed. The insight is not about “the trip” per se but about carelessness, heedlessness, being distracted, and lacking practicality. The blessing that is potential, in addition to the insight already stated, will be specific to the planet, ASC, or point being transited. For example, if Venus, then love might be experienced; if the ASC, then insight or clarity might open in one’s mind; if Saturn transited, then acknowledgement of a skill or capacity could support a promotion or wider use of you in ways that you enjoy and that empower.
  • spiritual/esoteric: In esoteric astrology, Jupiter and Venus represent the Soul. Jupiter displays the radiance and breadth of compassion and benevolence that the Soul emanates and is. Transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius is expansion, is letting go and the relief that comes from doing so, is energy and joy, and the courage of commitment to that which is Good, True, and Beautiful. It also offers alignment to our inner being through direct experience. What one does with that, or if one stops long enough to let the experience register, seep in, and expand one’s heart and mind, is the question. A gift will be given; of that have no doubt.
  • evolutionary/hierarchical: Jupiter in Sagittarius says, “Yes, we can.” Energetically, these two are forward directed (arrow pointed up and away from the present) and inventive. Solutions to big problems can be intuited and analyzed under these energies in a way that both types of knowing meet and support each other. The horse of Sagittarius, then, provides the horse power to get things done while Jupiter is undaunted by the scale of a problem or the scope of change necessary to wisely address it. Think of Santa Claus who travels the whole world giving gifts to every single child.

Jupiter in Capricorn in 2020. Keep in mind that Jupiter stations at 27°♑︎ in May 2020. When it does, it will be conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune in Pisces. The Moon will for an hour or two dance into appropriate degrees (24-27) of the sign it’s in and potentially set off any or all levels of the energies in play. If you have points in your chart at these degrees, take note. And, for humanity as a whole, April, May, and June of 2020 could be particular. Jupiter in Capricorn will be at 24-27°♑︎ and conjunct Pluto at 24°♑︎. Neptune cannot be dismissed at 20°♓︎ when Jupiter and Pluto are at 24°♑︎. It will provide a sextile created by a four degree orb.

  • mundane: The positive and empowering application of Jupiter in Capricorn is application itself. The sense of responsibility, dutifulness, the ability to complete a task and do so, a practical -even frugal- use of resources, and an inner knowing of how-to as well as that one can will accompany this transit to your chart. Indolence will feel wasteful and very uncomfortable. One will feel motivated to get up and get into action. Capricorn is a sign of personal power; add Jupiter and one might feel ready and able to do almost anything. Egotistically, that would include bullying, being oppressive, and not giving a thought about how others feel about that. Pluto could embolden this lower turn of energy and its expressions. However, Jupiter rules the heart and the heart of the mind, and I am optimistic (strong Jupiter in my chart!) that you and humanity will roll up sleeves and attend to what is necessary for your betterment and the same for others.
  • spiritual/esoteric: As Jupiter represents the Soul, Jupiter in Capricorn holds great potential for personal and collective movement forward on the Path. The same senses of responsibility, dutifulness, etc., when aligned with and applied through the wisdom, ethical equanimity, justice, and whole-ism of the Soul, can accomplish anything. Add to this the sheer power of Pluto conjunct – with Pluto as a power of the Soul – then you or humanity are being empowered to cut through whatever has been a hindrance to truth and truth of Being. Additionally, as Capricorn is an earth sign and a cardinal sign, the Earth herself will be front and center during Jupiter in Capricorn, especially during these Spring months. Unfortunate natural disasters are in the making, huge financial losses too. These will declare that the time of words and argument is over regarding the Earth, and delusion and greed are also untenable regarding financial structures. Pluto rules death and destruction, Jupiter rules birth and the expanded possibilities that all new beginnings are. They will work together like the current of a mighty force sweeping all before it. The Soul of the World and the Soul of Humanity must vanquish the lesser tendencies that humanity tends to live by collectively. If Jupiter in Capricorn is transiting your chart, the Soul that you are, the true essence that you are inside, is the level at which to live this transit; equally so the particular point in your chart.
  • evolutionary/hierarchical: On the evolutionary level, I think we must include the opposite sign of Capricorn in our considerations: Cancer. The reason for this is that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. As such, Jupiter on this level in Capricorn should not simply exaggerate negative and despotic lesser Capricorn but should invoke higher Capricorn qualities. Those correspond to expansions of consciousness, responsibility, and sensed inter-being. Capricorn rules the Path of Initiation, a somewhat nebulous phrase that speaks to the ability of an individual or the collective to live from and engage the spiritual, intuitive, and intellectual capacity of being human fully. That produces genuineness, sanity, just relationships, and all needs being met with equal diligence and empathy. Cancer/Capricorn complete each other, as do all opposite signs on the zodiacal wheel. In this case, however, when Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn – especially for the months that they are on and off conjunct – a push/pull will be experienced in anyone with planets, ASC, or significant points at those degrees. The same evolutionary rock and hard place will be felt by humanity. It will express in feeling the whole of which one is a part and one’s necessary participation in that wholeness or the entrenchment of going nowhere through the unsustainable separateness of individuality.

Graphic: Velvet Aeroplane

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I hope that this series of articles is helpful in sorting out and properly aligning with the energies that are afoot and will be. It is no mistake that you and I are incarnated now. We chose that. We chose to be alive during this great cycle of potential tremendous change for humanity, the world, and each of us individually. Though it is true that each moment in each lifetime holds the same great potential, we are being given energies and being supported through their empowerment to step forward into this new millennium, the new age of Aquarius, new Ray cycles, and new levels of self and collective expression. I pray that we all step into change with joy and creativity, inspired to be brand new.

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