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Philosophy: a touch stone of reality.

Philosophy is a touch-stone for humanity. We touch into the heart of truths, as well as the core of who and what we are individually and collectively. There we find inspiration. Philosophy need not be considered old or stodgy, overly … Continue reading

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Ripples: Conformity

Planting the grain kamut in the Nile river valley was an experiment that eventually established agriculture and a settled, agrarian way of life. It has been suggested that women took note of the cycles of Nature and were the first … Continue reading

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Wake Up. Rise Up. Participate. 3

I am Soul; Source of clear light, Giver of dynamic life, Director of all my intentions. I am Soul breathing. ************************************** This mantra was given to students some 15 years ago. Since then, students have continued to receive it, memorize … Continue reading

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Philosophy to live by

If asked to name your three favorite philosophers of the world would Buddha Shakyamuni be among them? Or any of the erudite masters the the Teachings of Light call Budddhadharma? How about Chief Seattle, Crazy Horse, Ahkenaten, Hildegard of Bingen, … Continue reading

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Happy food? 5

Was your food happy before it was your food? After inspiration (Happy food? 3), comes some truth. Truth: Greed is the only reason why there is unhealthy food, unhealthy produce, soil, rivers, ground water, and unhealthy and unhappy animals being … Continue reading

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