Philosophy: a touch stone of reality.

5433390_origPhilosophy is a touch-stone for humanity. We touch into the heart of truths, as well as the core of who and what we are individually and collectively. There we find inspiration. Philosophy need not be considered old or stodgy, overly intellectual, or irrelevant to one’s day. Instead, when philosophy is explored for the light that it casts upon the human Path of Awakening, then philosophy is experienced as alive and now.

Join me tomorrow, Tuesday, for a free webinar on Philosophy and its part in the ongoing awakening of humanity’s essential Being and how, through its revelations, philosophy has flawlessly guided us.

Then the following Tuesday the five-week online course begins. We will examine subjects like:

  • Steve Jobs and his philosophy “think different”. Yet, though this brilliant man changed the world through personal computer technology, his business practices were often blatantly unethical and harmful. How does one personally reconcile or engage these two apparently opposites sides of Steve Jobs and Apple? Do they weigh into your purchases of devices or a computer?
  • Albert Einstein understood philosophically that some of his hypotheses were incorrect or unprovable by observation. This troubled him. As a result, he spent much of his life trying to reconcile the unreconcilable. How often do we do the same? Why are human beings so challenged to simply say “I was wrong.” or “I made a mistake.” ? This is a philosophical question.
  • We will also look at some classical philosophical insights that, though thousands of years old, are part of our every day ethos and cultural existence.

Register here for either the free webinar or the online course, or both.

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