Notice when anger is masking jealousy
And when jealousy is the result of choice.
Notice leaves that fall
And that the tree is better for it.
Notice that smiles are like honey, always sweet
And that harshness always feels cruel.
Notice skills, abilities, tendencies, and aversions.
Aversions are linked to shame
Tendencies to comfort
Abilities to adventure
Skills to follow-through.

Faithful by ReviereVV on DeviantART

Faithful by ReviereVV on DeviantART

Notice the sky is empty even as clouds roll by
And that rain always sounds soothing.
Notice that animals love to please even when owners aren’t pleasant
And that children are the same way.
Notice yourself
Notice the Earth
Notice the small things
They are reporting big ones.
Notice love
And that generosity comes ’round
To be given again.

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2 Responses to Notice

  1. Donna says:

    Donna, that is such a beautiful poem. I will share it! Thanks so much….Donna


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