Physics and Consciousness 9: Dimensions and fractal wholeness

good-bacteriaEverything is ONE; and everything (which means everyone) is one within a greater One. That greater One is within a greater ONE, and so forth. The probiotic bacteria in your colon is one level of identity. It is within your colon which is the next larger or macro level of identity. The colon needs the bacteria and the bacteria need the colon. Neither can function without the other or, at least function well. A colon is within a person, dog, tiger or mouse. The mouse or person cannot function without a colon which cannot function without the probiotic bacteria. The person is part of a family which is within a neighborhood, which is within a city or town, and so on which is within planet, which is within a solar system, which is within a galaxy which is within local space whatever that means. You get the picture.

Everything is necessary. AND everything is necessary to the strata of which it is a part as well as and at the same time to everything else.

The concept of one within a greater one is the same as particle and wave. A particle, be it a drop of water, a single snowflake, a person in a crowd, one strand of hair, or one fish scale is a one that “lives and moves and has its being” as part of a greater one. Particle and wave.


Once we truly grasp that this is everywhere, IS everything, and that fractal Is-ness IS the state of all manifestation seen and unseen, then dimensionality, probability, Energy as Rays of divine intention and specific quality, and the ceaseless wave of karma can be approached. However, without acceptance of or curiosity about the “nested” nature of everything, understanding will be impossible.

courtesy of Steve Kramer

courtesy of Steve Kramer

Similarly, a dimension is more than a layer of reality. It is a “world” that includes topography, a climate, a range of expression, and the demonstrations of divine law that that particular “world” can demonstrate. A dimension is not a box or bubble into which a dimensional portal opens any more than a path is a portal into a forest. A path leads to a forest, but the path is also an integral aspect of the forest, equal to rock formations, fungi in the ground, and the animals hidden or obvious.

A dimension is a strata of manifesting life. Think of the ocean. At various sections of depth an entire world can be found. The creatures, temperature, and other factors are particular to that strata of the ocean, below is a different strata and world of life, above similarly so. This is how it is within us, our cultures, our planet, solar system, the arm of the Milky Way galaxy that our Sun is on, etc.

Thought is a dimension. Its strata encompassing mundane problem solving and creative thinking to abstract or ontological contemplations. In common terms, maybe it is similar to height (low or small increase of height to vast enlightened heights).

Sentiency is a dimension. This strata and world includes feeling as in emotional responses and reactions, feeling as in the senses, and the full range of sentient response that is relationality in every respect. Maybe the analogy in common terms would be depth (shallow as in little depth to oceanic and universal in depth).

Physicality is a dimension. This strata includes the topography, climates, and range of dense, liquid, and gaseous that is familiar. Width doesn’t seem to fit as well as the other two analogies. Oh well!

Intuition or open cognition is another dimension. This is the world or dimension where opposites are continuums of one quality. Like the three states of water, at any Now the fauna of the intuitive dimension can present as paradox, or as resolution of any related pair and thus make obvious the ever-present One that either is born of, or as spacious emptiness ever ready to cause appearance, to birth a pair, a solution, or simply an intuitive spark of awareness.

Principle is a dimension. Humanity has lost much of its understanding of what principle means. Our language would turn almost anything into an “it” or “thing.” Principle is that which is before, beyond, is a perfection that cannot be manifest but which decrees the blueprints of all aspirations toward perfection. This is lived by shiny mica or any mineral,  by plants in their diversity of beauty and selflessness, and by the animal kingdom in its wide range of activity and intellect.

There are more dimensions yet what is important to perceive is the interpenetration and ongoing simultaneity of all of them. And we can perceive this because this is our life. We live the dimensions and world of thought as well as its range of topography and climate zones. We live a completely sentient life, in every regard, every moment awake or asleep.  And clearly, we live in the physical real, a robust world that has come to be synonymous with “reality” for much of humanity and, unfortunately, for our leaders, thinkers, and policy makers. But that view is not true.

The intuitive dimension constantly loops into the world of thought or sentiency and flashes or hunches or creative sparks or insights happen. With training of mind, sentiency, and meditation the intuitive dimension can be just as tangible as the dense physical, just as sensed as common feelings. Inner Atomperception can pervade outer and daily perception with more and more consistency.

Worlds within worlds, just like particles within waves. Equally, perceptions and interactions buzzing through worlds giving us a wide range of experience, the wave is the particle. We are both, all is both, ah .. we’re getting a taste of the intuitive dimension!

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