Ahhh, Spring!

The geese are headed north. It’s amazing to watch them follow the lei lines of the Earth. Maybe their heart is their compass, directly pointing forward and down at the same time as they fly.

Similarly, two days ago there were two song birds adding their song to the morning. Yesterday, more than a dozen.

A young skunk seems to be scoping out the loft of our old leaning barn for this year’s kits. We’ll see if we can gently dissuade that. There’s too much comings and goings in that barn for a skunk and the humans.

Maple syrup is boiled down in the neighbor’s sugar shack, and we’re making decisions on laying hens (the breed, a moveable chicken tractor pen or free roaming with a moveable electric fence). And the seeds set inside the house for early planting are sprouting. Ahhhh, joyous Spring!

(PS. Any suggestions on the hens from your experience?)

sprout ferns

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2 Responses to Ahhh, Spring!

  1. nice – always wondered how the tree knows precisely when and how to do things, without a nervous system or a brain – must be some other system that is as good only different – yes trees do know when the gardener comes to water them that he is approaching and too the man with the saw!

    • It seems that basically every form of life on Earth knows more or different than humans do, and that humans know different types of things and in different ways than many other kingdoms or species. Evolution is a rich pondering.

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