We used to believe…

… that the world was flat, that the Earth was the “center of the universe,” that people of different color were less human than others, and that the female gender was responsible for all the woes of humanity.

from nasaI commend to you “the electric universe:” a comprehensive theory of cross disciplines that explains the widely observed features of space, stars, their formation and displays, and explains comets and the scarring on planetary bodies such as Mars and moons.

The existing models within astrophysics are riddled with holes. Anomalies are as frequent as the theories and mathematics that produce them. Yet these are pushed aside as bothersome to the existing and well-funded, career-driving, money-making established scientific frames of reference. But a new age is upon us.

The Thunderbolts Project has a number of excellent videos on YouTube that explain the electric universe theory, give examples of its evidence, and the observed cosmic anomalies that it can correctly explain. I would suggest one of two doors into this rabbit hole:

  1. through the gate of ancient myth and cross-cultural symbolism and its pictorial similarity to electrical plasma displays: Symbols of an Alien Sky
  2. through the door of the observations of deep Space, the solar system, the Sun, and comets made possible in the current space age by satellites, probes, and orbiting telescopes. What they reveal repeatedly does not jive with the standard astrophysics models predicated upon nuclear forces and a gravity based cosmos. Thunderbolts of the Gods

I, personally, will watch these and many other videos from the Thunderbolts Project scientists and theorists many times. I am excited about the adjustment in my understanding of physics and quantum physics and their relation to consciousness that I will have to come to and discover.

We are living interesting times. Information is at everyone’s fingertips. Ignorance is no longer excusable, neither is holding onto old information for its own sake. As a collective, our governments and the private sector have spent 100’s of billions of dollars to inquire about Space, and the data being returned every moment of every day is reporting to us that we will need to adjust and update our models about almost everything. Welcome to the New Age!


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  1. thanks, indeed – new age in science, medicine – nano/micro – and new age in spirit – deeper down.

    • Yes. Many of science’s explorations of the last 20 years or so give me great concern for the well-being of all beings, but the theory of the electric universe seems illuminative and illustrative in many ways.

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