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No clouds

Bird flitting Mind flitting. Bird landing Mind abiding. Sky open Sky-like mind No clouds No clouds Trees reach into always perfect space Mind realizes its nature. Photograph: Incoming by Matthew Pacunas on DeviantART

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Wake up. Rise up. Participate: 2

For fifteen minutes today, unplug. Notice how unsettled you are. Register the level of superficiality that occupies much of your time. Unplug and experience the frenetic quality that is like a caged hamster inside your mind and feelings with the … Continue reading

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Create your day as you go

The Practice of Living Awareness empowers you. Feeling frustrated? Breathe a long slow deep breath. Mind confused? Smile, breathe, then soften and open to what you are trying to control. Get in touch with the fact that control is actually … Continue reading

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Training the elephant of the mind

In classical meditation training, the mind is symbolized by two animals: an elephant and a monkey. The elephant represents the qualities of inertia, stubbornness, repetitious mental and emotional patterns, and overall our ignorance about our own mind and its sublime, … Continue reading

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Changing the mind

A student asked these questions recently: How does one move beyond concrete mind to higher mind where limitless mind is, and therefore have access to where intuition comes from? ¬†Buddhic plane and beyond? ¬†If all is mind, do we as … Continue reading

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