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No clouds

Bird flitting Mind flitting. Bird landing Mind abiding. Sky open Sky-like mind No clouds No clouds Trees reach into always perfect space Mind realizes its nature. Photograph: Incoming by Matthew Pacunas on DeviantART verse: donna repost from April 2014

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Training the elephant of the mind

In classical meditation training, the mind is symbolized by two animals: an elephant and a monkey. The elephant represents the qualities of inertia, stubbornness, repetitious mental and emotional patterns, and overall our ignorance about our own mind and its sublime, … Continue reading

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Changing the mind

A student asked these questions recently: How does one move beyond concrete mind to higher mind where limitless mind is, and therefore have access to where intuition comes from? ¬†Buddhic plane and beyond? ¬†If all is mind, do we as … Continue reading

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Being Handicapped

(The physical condition described for me in the first paragraph changed/improved over time since this was written in October 2011. This “replay post” is about the larger point about how one’s circumstances and life experiences create our sense of values, … Continue reading

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Ahhh, Spring!

The geese are headed north. It’s amazing to watch them follow the lei lines of the Earth. Maybe their heart is their compass, directly pointing forward and down at the same time as they fly. Similarly, two days ago there … Continue reading

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