Lawson’s Pisces Full Moon Thoughts


From Lawson Bracewell in New Zealand, a brother of the heart and someone skilled in the contemplative art of astrology.

Now, is the time of the Solar Fire Festival in the sign of Pisces.  In New Zealand, this will occur on 26/2 at 9:26AM.  This is the moment to align with the soul and the greater group so that we may make use of  the energies available to us and so serve Humanity.

The chart for the Full Moon has the Sun at 8 degrees of Pisces.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is:  A GIRL BLOWING A BUGLE.  We are summoned to express our unique inner and outer gifts.

The symbol for the Moon at 8 degrees of Virgo:  FIRST DANCING INSTRUCTION.  We must work to bring out the unique gift rather than accept our ineptitude.

The Pisces Sun enjoins us to sacrifice our self consciousness and step into the vivid fire of the moment; thereby losing all and gaining all.  We are called to be as courageous as the soldier stepping forward in the face of fire.
A dynamic t-square pattern is formed as the Sun  conjuncts Neptune and Venus, all three oppose the Moon and all four square Jupiter.  (Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces so this strengthens the Pisces energy of the chart).  A personality response to this energy might be to say:  “It is not my problem.  I would like to help others, but I have too much to do.  I feel overwhelmed by what I am feeling and sensing”.

A positive response to the energy pattern is to know that the Christ energy is both within the self and in every other. Now is the time to joyously step into service knowing that as a group we can shape a new world order.  To love one another need not just be a high ideal, but can be a daily practice of compassion.

Pluto, the ruler of Pisces on both a soul and spirit level, is also sextiling the Sun and trining the Moon.  This gives us support for taking back power that we have given away and encourages us to stand in spiritual being.

Saturn trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon.  This provides an access to a greater awareness of and acceptance of opportunities and responsibilities.

Mercury and Mars are conjunct.  We must avoid letting our desires and emotions drive our minds.  The potential of the conjunction is for us to have keen discrimination and dynamic mental expression.

And, finally, Uranus and Pluto continue in the conjunction which runs from June 2012-March 2014.  A world-wide revolution is occurring.  We must join it by radically changing and helping to facilitate a global shift in consciousness.
Many blessings upon you and your work.
Love, Lawson

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