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Virgo Full Moon meditation

Virgo is an earth sign. It is also one of service, care, selflessness, and humility. The changes that the Earth are going through require that humanity serve one another and future generations through honest acknowledgement of change and of the … Continue reading

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Esoteric Astrology: Virgo

Virgo sees how things could or should be done. It is a sign of doing, of rendering back, of harvesting the wealth of learning, and storing things away “for a rainy day.” Virgo realizes that today is the result of … Continue reading

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Esoteric Astrological Layers 6: Jupiter

Exoteric Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Aquarius, the 9th and 11th houses Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus the Greek God. Although Jupiter is considered a planet of the Soul, on the exoteric level, Jupiter can be  problematic. Jupiter was … Continue reading

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Virgo Video and Meditation

From an esoteric perspective, all twelve signs are veiled. Their Soul and wider evolutionary significance is largely unknown. Esoteric Astrology provides a deeper astrological wisdom by building upon the foundation of traditional astrology and then leaving the mundane personal emphasis, … Continue reading

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Lawson’s Pisces Full Moon Thoughts

From Lawson Bracewell in New Zealand, a brother of the heart and someone skilled in the contemplative art of astrology. Now, is the time of the Solar Fire Festival in the sign of Pisces.  In New Zealand, this will occur … Continue reading

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