Astrology: comments to questions re: 12th house – pt. 1

Astrology is a complex subject, yet its purpose is simple truths. Like learning the alphabet in order to be literate throughout a  lifetime, the glyphs and layers of meaning of astrology take time – probably life times – to learn and have at one’s disposal. Only with some of the breadth or scope of the components in one’s mind can intuition come forward. Then the simplicity of underlying meaning and stark truths illustrated by the chart becomes obvious (positive/encouraging plus honesty about one’s self and one’s patterns of lifetimes).

Astrology is constantly illumining and fresh. If it is not for you, then you have more to learn about astrology and about yourself. What fun! All esoteric sciences should be revelatory and never stop being so. Each factor is its own deep contemplation and can be used as a threshold to the vast and profound nature that a person potentially is. Contemplation can then lead to the self-less-ness that underlies all habits of consciousness, karmic patterns, and things working out through the energetics described and objectified by a birth chart.

Three people have put questions in the comments section of the 12th House: Hidden Power post. My apologies for delayed response. This post will be long and contain much that goes beyond their questions. In this way, anyone with an interest in astrology might find the information of value and useful.

Daphne wrote that she has Mercury and Mars in Gemini, plus Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus in Taurus all in the 12th house. North node is in Cancer, and rising sign is Gemini.

First, let’s rearrange the order so that it is true to the Wheel. Taurus comes first. Then Gemini, then Cancer. If Gemini is rising, then the Cancer North Node is in the first house. The spread of planets/signs in the 12th makes me wonder if your chart is intercepted, Daphne. Is that so? If yes, then, the interception is restating the theme of multiple personal planets in the 12 house.

Let’s unpack that statement (for all readers). A birth chart/horoscope has two or three primary themes that play and restate multiple times in the chart. As the chart is more fully and deeply understood, anyone’s chart will boil down to two or three themes; and this is regardless of point on the Path. Here the Buddha’s teaching of “the poison is the Wisdom” comes to bear. On the common/personality-centered level of interpreting and understanding a chart, we have karma, karmic patterns, emotional preferences and fears, we have pride or lack of self-esteem, confusion, the ways that we distract our self and limit our self, plus all the skills of the self. Each of these is a threshold to wisdom, to being clear with one’s self, each of these is a gateway to a fuller expression of Presence, understanding, empathy, and Being. “The poison is the Wisdom.”

So, on the common turn of the spiral, multiple personal planets in the 12 house can create the dynamic of not easily knowing one’s self. The 12th house is like the ocean; planets there (on the common/personality-based level of interpretation and living) are as if submerged. Their qualities are underwater. The native experiences that these planets are mitigated, their strengths not easily accessed or sustained once accessed, thus there is second-guessing of one’s self which can become self-criticism which can become hesitation to begin things or engage in projects or relationships, and so forth. An intercepted chart gives a similar dynamic. The planets that are intercepted as well as the two signs that are intercepted are, likewise, not readily accessible. Often, the native with an interception experiences an awkwardness with the planets and signs that are intercepted. So, we see a theme developing that is stated in multiple planets inclusive of a luminary in the 12th plus (by hypothesis) an intercepted chart.

Turn the spiral of interpretation and one’s point on the spiritual Path and things change! So, before writing that turn of the spiral, let us all must live from the best within us. Habits of consciousness, karmic patterns, behavioral tendencies, relational defaults, preferences that keep us mediocre at best and limited overall – all must be transcended and that is the spiritual Path. How one does it doesn’t matter, but do it we must or the same patterns and tendencies will follow us into the next life and the next and the next. Now is the only now, and our chart is blatantly telling us what to change and HOW to do so.

The 12th house is a karmic house. There are others. Karma is the relationship of causes-condions-and results. They are interlinked and interdependent. First, planets in the 12th house should be understood as placed in that house by your Higher Self, your Wisdom-Being nature, for important reasons. Negative or limiting karma is related to the planets in the 12th house AND positive karma or merit can be generated by living the same planets in a transformed, selfless, and genuine way. The 12th house is like reminding one’s self of a food allergy. Living the planets in the old ways that got us in trouble will only continue to get us in trouble. No matter who we are or what planet(s) are in the 12th, our higher self is saying “Yo, let’s do this wisely this time.”

From a spiritual point of view, everything in the chart has significance; some indications state a primary theme, and all of the chart’s energetics are what they are because – in our inner and detached wisdom and compassion – we know what will grow us. As such, the 12th house is basically stating that is vital that the personality not have easy access to the power or desire or self-referencing and self-importance that the planets in the 12th represent. This, alone, is a spiritual Path process because we have to live those planets in a fresh way, rather than an habitual karmic way. This placement helps us change how we live our Mars, Venus, Sun for example in your case, Daphne. This is exciting because such a forced process has the potential to substantially transform the planets thus psychological ways of being that they represent that are in that house. Spiritually, more of the range of the planet is being made available. By learning to live from a fuller range of the planet more of the power and spectrum of the planet’s sign is also accessible. Doing so is Path.

If you have Gemini rising, then you likely have Mars on the ASC. Any planet on the ASC is hugely significant. Yes, Mars is underwater (12th house) and, yes, you are being forced to live Mars in new and fresh ways – which means non-reactively and non-aggressively – but to use your mind (Mercury conjunct); but also Mars on the ASC indicates that you can. Mars is conviction, impetus, volition, commitment, daring, bravery, and in-the-zone truth of being. The ASC esoterically represents the agenda of the Soul or Higher Self. In your case, Daphne, with Gemini rising – understanding how you reinforce self-made duality is part of the purpose of this life. Not only getting a handle on Mars needs to happen (emotions, personalizing, and not being wise with the physical realities of life and body), but Mars is also a spiritual ally for you in this life. As you do “get a handle on Mars”, that will propel (Mars) you along your spiritual Path of Awareness/Wakefulness.

Venus conjunct the Sun signals that one’s desire nature, comfort zones, and getting what one wanted was a life pattern in previous lives. Relationships were important and probably still are. (Venus in strong aspect to the Sun would indicate these things as well.) But because they are in the 12th house, these patterns did not serve you well nor did you serve others well following your Venus. Okay, fair enough, this is another life and set of opportunities. First and foremost remember that beauty is not even skin deep. Outer beauty is fickle and fades quickly like a flower or the change of a mood. Inner beauty, inner peace and harmony lived authentically and lived with others is the true beautiful radiance (Venus/Sun) that matters. Get to know people for their depth and presence and let others get to know you. Yes, be vulnerable (Mars in the 12th), yes, get to know yourself. Strong Venus in the chart can spend a life posturing and trying to impress but ends up living mostly through a mask and on the surface relationally.

Spiritually, Venus in strong relationship with the Sun indicate that a deeper love is available is the person can break the old habits of comfort for its own sake, distractions, and ease that equates laziness. Venus liked things nice and easy! Astrologically, Venus often indicates this default in the personality. The spiritual Path does not have to hard, per se, but the personality tendencies must be transformed. Like working with a personal trainer, it’s hard work and one works hard to transform these old habits of consciousness.

* Response to the other two people will be in the next post tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Astrology: comments to questions re: 12th house – pt. 1

  1. Daphne says:

    Thank you Donna, this resonated much more than I would have ever hoped… having all these placements in my 12th house is very exciting and provides me with the utmost opportunity to grow! It’s just the process of learning how to utilize these feelings and energies into ways that feel true and good to my heart and higher-self. I do feel like every word I speak and action I do teaches me something about myself and the ways in which our world works. I am a blank canvas waiting to be painted on, what I paint will be truth and loveliness, and it’ll adorn the world with love. Love for the dual aspects of myself, and love for every person, creature, plant, and art form on this earth. You have provided me with so much more insight into my chart and into my life, Thank you dearly Donna! I am so so very much appreciative of your willingness to help people help themselves. <3

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