Pt. 2: Astrology: comments to questions re: 12th house

Before getting to the other two people’s 12th house questions, we – human beings – live a curious conundrum. We have such potential but are challenged by our capacity to access, actualize, and live from our potential. The potential is esoteric: it is unknown, unrecognized, unfathomed, or simply out of reach. I can read all kinds of esoteric thoughts on Venus or the Sun or the Ascendant (ASC) or any other component of my birth chart but if I, personally, can’t integrate what I read or have been told, then that information is useless. The potential remains inaccessible. For example, someone with anger issues has Mars front and center (and probably not in the 12th house). Mars would qualify relationships: could be direct or blunt or coarse, could be reactive, volatile, quick to erupt even if violence is not how a person’s strong Mars acts. You or I could talk to that person about highest Mars and its qualities until the sun goes down (hierarchical ruler of Sagittarius and exalted in Capricorn). But if this person doesn’t know him or herself or want to observe how he or she is with others, then Mars reactiveness, Mars force, Mars harshness and even meanness will remain recognized within this person and by this person. However, recognition, then being willing to own these defaults, then taking on the processes of transformation would give access to the higher qualities of Mars and the fuller potential of oneself.

Another example, if someone tells me that Venus is about comfort and comfort zones, then I can – with non-judgment – observe how I live my Venus in that regard. Observing, I will no longer be oblivious to how the causes that I put in motion create conditions that keep those causes in motion and produce predictable results. The same is so for any component of a person’s chart or any other evaluation and itemization of the habitual self.

Esoterically, the 12th house is about hidden power. (Of course, any factor of the chart is a hidden power if one only lives that factor in a common and unchallenging way.) Features in the 12th house are “hidden” due to the Pisces’ character of the 12th. But, that’s because Pisces is generally not lived for its potential of universal awareness, universal compassion, universal empathetic response and sensitivity, plus true intuitive interaction with the world and reality. As the last sign of the zodiac, all factors esoterically resolve (and dissolve) in Pisces. Similarly, the 12th house is the last house. Planets in the 12th are there to be resolved and to have the personality tendencies of them dissolved so that the attributes, skills, and potency of those factors can be released (Pisces again) from the habitual and re-emerge in the next life fresh, new, even raw.

If a person is living their 12th house planets in this transformational, esoteric, energetic way, then their life will have a Plutonian/Piscean quality to it regarding the psychological, conscious, and progressive nature of the planets in question. In other words, if the person is living these planets as the hidden power of the soul/higher nature, then ongoing resolution of karma will be a theme in the life. This is so that characteristics of the planets in question can be dissolved through circumstances and events. This offers repeated opportunities to transform these factors. All this is according to the wisdom and compassion of one’s higher nature which is trying to free the attributes, skills, and potency of that higher nature into the livingness and service of one’s life. Therefore, raw, vulnerable, awkward, or hesitant might be part of a person’s experience vis a vis the planets in the 12th. Those planets are sequestered because we did not use them well or wisely in the recent past. In the example above of Mars: a wanton Mars lived in this life will likely produce a contained or sequestered Mars in the next.

Karma is a law in common reality, like gravity is. One could suggest that they are of the same energetic. Ultimate reality? Well, none of the factors written about would apply, but neither would there be a personal identification as a self, or of a higher nature, or of distinctions of any kind. But as long as these identifications are being lived, then karma is too.

Due to incarnational amnesia, most people don’t remember their past lives, nor the good or detrimental that was done by us. The birth chart, however, gives suggestions of both. The key for us is to do everything possible to live our astrological energies in positive, beneficial ways. That’s Path, that produces the causes of happiness for others and self, generates beneficial conditions and circumstances, and resolves old karmic debt while seeding positive karma. If one is living hardship or suffering, my heart goes out to you. Please understand that you are trying to do a brave thing: transform and redeem mistakes of the past that are not in your conscious awareness. Be kind to yourself and kind to others. Seed the good for all your lives to come.


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