Meditation: the obvious and the subtle

One of the by-products of a meditation practice is that both the inner and the outer, the subtle and the obvious, become more apparent, and of course that would be so. If one is focusing on breathing, then the obvious physical sensations and demonstrations of breathing would be increasingly experienced, such that the normally not noticed becomes noticed. Equally, the sensations of breathing and of the breath bring one inside and support tranquility of emotions-mind and ease in the body. The same sensations elicit response from the subtle mind, too. Flow of the breath will induce a decrease of thought and mental processes. The uninterrupted flow of awareness – always present but usually not noticed due to distractions and interruptions – can be experienced. Then, should one choose, one can support that “manju” (smooth) quality. With practice, the smoothness of breath can lead to a deep absorption.

But, unless someone just wants meditation jollies which won’t work for long, a meditator must bring meditation into the world and one’s particular worldly life. As said before, doing so is good for all while also fostering the causes and support of ongoing meditation maturing.

We spent weeks with a five-step easy method. Each of the five steps is its own specific technique which is wise to cultivate individually and apply to life. Smile, breathe, notice awareness as it is, then notice that awareness is pervaded by attributes normally considered to be of the heart, finally – lift awareness slightly. Each of these steps will elicit qualities of buddhi/bodhi. But, germane to today’s meditation, each of them is how to live more fully.

Samantabhadra/dri have been previously written about on this blog from a meditative point of view. Their union represents Awareness in its seat, among other meanings. Awareness in its seat refers to smooth, “manju”, uninterrupted whether one is feeding the cat, tending a chore, or doing business. Is Awareness in its seat?

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