A new now

GaiaAt particular junctures on the Path, we are asked to understand something in ways that we could not before. In that moment, our frames of reference, desire, and planned outcomes will need revision or release. In their place new possibilities will arise with new outcomes to work towards and we will see that the now revealed has been there waiting.

Humanity is being asked to focus on wellness in all ways; most importantly wellness of heart and mind, and respect and shared responsiveness to amazing planet Earth. A focus on greater wholeness will automatically address the ills of the world, such as poverty including the ethical and spiritual kind. Well-being is close at hand as we, if we, chose to work together for the well-being of all. And it is easy because as we assist the life essence of any form or being, then because of whole-ism, the interconnected beings and life forms benefit. Recognizing the benefit, we assist again and all life experiences greater benefit. The simplicity of it is … simply common sense.

We are born of our Mother Earth, created in her image. Our bones are her mountain ranges, our blood vessels her rivers and streams. Our heart is like the ocean, the great organ that creates the weather and thus the flow of life on the planet. Our organs act as do the great forests. Each distills, reclaims nutrients, then passes those on in a usable form. For the forests that is in the forms of breathable air, fruit and nuts, and an abundance of animal and insect life. In our body that is experienced in the distribution of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and such processed through liver, intestines, kidneys, and bladders. As a result, our body thrives as does any primal forest of the world. Our hair is the grass, and our migrating blood cells are like migrating herds, flocks, schools, and swarms of life on our planet home.

Humanity is re-awakening to its relatedness: with one another, the parts of our inner self, and to our Mother Earth. We used to live connected, and the disconnect is recent in our collective history. We miss it, and Nature misses us.

plantatree-partnershipWe know how to live according to the wisdom that we are one, that our planet is one, inter-connected and all parts dependent upon one another. We know that trees depend on us to let them breathe sunlight through an unpolluted sky, and that we depend upon the trees and grasses to produce the oxygen for life. We know that trees not only hold moisture in the soil and prevent erosion, but also create shade thus keeping moisture in environments. This decreases aridity. With this understanding of interconnectedness, you could plant and water a tree if you live in a dry environment. In 10 years of gentle loving care, that tree will transform the arid area you planted it in and transform you in the process.  If you plant two, they will pollinate. And if you plant three, birds will come.

With little effort, a human being can do great damage or undo the damage done by others. Friends, join me today in a renewal or increase of your respect for Life on Earth. There is no tomorrow without each today. There is no Earth without all parts of Her alive and well. Please be part of Her wellness, thus ensuring the wellness of all including your self, your family, and all living beings. Do what you can because it is not only the right thing to do, but is the only thing to do.

Inspiring Videos

  • Planet Earth, or any video series by or involving David Attenborough and the BBC
  • Jane’s Journey (about Jane Goodall and her planet-wide efforts after her revolutionary work with chimpanzees
  • My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

originally posted in August 2013, still pertinent

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5 Responses to A new now

  1. this planet is the richest in the cosmos, of that i am certain – the sad part is that such plentiful wealth is still not enough for us – then nothing will ever be, because how can there ever be more wealth than there is here? it shocks me that people go hungry in this planet of plenty – at this rate there will never be enough to satisfy us.

    • Well said. Work such as your blog, its thoughts and inquiries and the great illuminations and innovations being done around the world and highlighted on TED talks give me hope. I am sad for humanity but I am so sad for our children and their children and the next few generations. What have we done? How could we, as a collective, lose sight of the obvious reprecussions of greed and materialism?

      I, personally, take refuge in the ethics at the heart of most faiths and that people come to automatically as they learn to meditate. We also come to the awareness that we will be our great-granchildren when we reincarnate, and we will look back and say again, “What have we done?”

      Love your work, Indrajit! Keep it coming.

  2. I love the third paragraph so much, you could break it down to a poem I think. Have you ever seen this?
    Jane Goodall has always been my hero.

    • Thank you for the video. I’ll watch it soon.

      Some people are forces of nature. Jane Goodall is one. I wonder what progressed in her chart such that she moved from the isolation and cloister of the jungle to the global stage and recognized world service?

      And, thank you for the kind words, re: third paragraph, friend!

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