Films reflecting Humanity’s unfolding

Every aspect of human life expresses its unfolding consciousness. Here is a list of videos. Each of them is full of surprises because we, human beings, are constantly changing, ever expanding ourselves, our values, our rules, and codes of ethics. These are just a few  examples of humanity’s evolution propelled, often, by curious factors.

Most of these movies are available for streaming with Netflix, Amazon Prime, PBS, and some are on YouTube. (Trailers are embedded in the movie name for ease of choosing.)

  • Blindsight: 6 Tibetan blind children climbing a peak in the Himalayas
  • Enlighten Up!: a non-yoga guy experiences yoga. This movie is far more than one expects. Definitely worth watching.
  • The Botany of Desire: excellent look at 4 plants that changed humanity. PBS
  • Jazz: Documentary by Ken Burns. Excellent music, history, and more
  • Unmistaken Child: documentary that follows the heart-disciple of a high lama in the search in Tibet for his reincarnation. Personally, I found it powerful.
  •  God on Trial: a play based on the true play that took place in Auchwitz when Jews scheduled for the gas chamber put God on trial.
  • The Statue of Liberty: documentary by Ken Burns. You’ll be surprised by some of its history. And no one makes better documentaries.
  • Alex Gray: the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

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