Meditation: OM AH HUM OM

Muchas Gracias for all that IS.

That might sound delirious given the suffering and uncertainty currently expressing in the world; but we -of all beings on Earth- have the capacity to look up and look around and notice how amazing life is and feel great delight in honoring and protecting it.

In that delirium of joy -especially in the midst of challenge, we can say YES to the newness required to live fully, give fully, listen fully, weep fully, to walk or cook or take a shower present in Presence; and to know that this is our now.

Truth be told, every day is uncertain and always was. Every day could be someone’s last; that’s been the case since birth. The sources of most of the hardship in the world are human-made, let’s face and own that together. But, in our hearts and with the creative mind of a child, we know that everything that human beings do could be sourced from and expressive of Presence. Loving-kindness without question or limitation could flow from each of us. Aggression in all its forms could end today if human beings recognized it for what it is: an abuse of life, heart, and mind in words, actions, miserliness, and cruelty.

The meditation cycle that we are in is not a magic wand for the practitioner. The alchemy we all seek is already functioning from within. When it becomes, at least in equal measure to the outer focus, then magic happens. And it can be so for the whole world, for all of humanity, for all of the suffering. This meditation cycle, like each one we have done together, is attempt to unify you. Unified, we are whole. Whole, we are powerful and at peace within ourselves which means a beacon and demonstration of peace in the world.

May it be so.

We get right to meditating in this sitting.

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