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Virgo Video and Meditation

From an esoteric perspective, all twelve signs are veiled. Their Soul and wider evolutionary significance is largely unknown. Esoteric Astrology provides a deeper astrological wisdom by building upon the foundation of traditional astrology and then leaving the mundane personal emphasis, … Continue reading

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Sprouts of the Earth

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The Great Invocation and Triangles, pt. 2

The Science of Triangles and the use of the Great Invocation is so important. Duaneā€™s recent visual postings and related references from Bailey make it quite clear. We are hardwired for efficacy in this regard. The primary triplicities within us … Continue reading

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A Few Pisces Thoughts

These snippets of thought are extracted from the Pisces Full Moon Online Meditation that is posted on http://www.LivingAwarenessMeditation.net Pisces Awareness Thoughts I hope you will take a half an hour to do the Pisces Meditation posted there, and add your … Continue reading

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