Meditation: exploring joy 2, sharing it

First, is learning that joy has many qualities. Those will become more familiar and obvious as we “notice the usually not noticed” that is within a moment of joy, happiness or delight.

Second: when in a moment of joy, happiness, delight, peace or ease about/with anything, within any situation, notice that fact. Notice that it is so. (Let drama and bad news not be what occupies our mind-emotion complex. Instead, notice all the moments of goodness of being that are blessing your day.)

Third: while in one of those moments, think on other beings who do not have the good fortune to experience the delight or ease, comfort or well-being that you are in that very second, in its specificity. For example, I just covered my legs with a meditation blanket. To do so is a benefit to myself that, right now, untold numbers of beings don’t have available: its warmth, its soft texture, the immediacy of me reaching for it and there it is.  — Be genuine in this phase. — It is truly a wonder that one might have the good fortune to walk, or have food, or have caring friends, or have shelter and no bombs crashing into one’s neighborhood, and so forth.

Then: call forward the goodness, delight, freedom and joy and you felt and radiate it into the specific arenas of beings that you thought of who don’t have the same good fortune right now.

By “noticing the usually not noticed” about joy (and its related experiences), we will notice how often joy is experienced through the day. We will also recognize more of the sub-qualities within joy, such as freedom, buoyancy, excitement, and so forth.

By thinking on others who don’t have the same goodness in the very same moment that one is experiencing, one’s field of awareness and empathy will begin to expand with genuineness.

By wishing what you are experiencing/having into the lives of the beings who don’t have it and can’t experience it in this moment, i.e. sharing the joy, empathy will blossom more and more; loving-kindness will arise radiantly more frequently; and equanimity will establish. As will radiance of Being, more Awareness, and compassion.

“Notice the usually not notice” about how often you experience joy, freedom, ease, delight, peace, contentment, comfort. Drop in to your experiences through the day. Notice. Recognize. Then, truly think about others (human and other-than-human) who can’t experience what you are in that moment (keep it specific). Then, call forward the initial delight, ease, freedom, or joy (etc.) and wish it for the same “others” that you empathetically thought of. Radiate your fortune and happiness, your freedom, into the world.

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