Meditation: exploring joy 1

Over the last couple of years we’ve explored our senses, Presence, and being present. We have learned to recognize our state -of emotion, or projection, assumption, or awe, and the range of Beingness displaying any instant. We have discovered that a mandala of perception is constant, can’t be turned off, and that a simultaneous plethora is within the embrace of any moment. And, we have learned to have more confidence in essence of being, confidence in our unique and amazing capacity as a human being to be Aware, to be Present, and to be light, goodness, and Presence in the world. Excellent! Let’s build upon that.

We begin an exploration of joy.

Everyone is encouraged to look up the term “joy” in dictionaries and thesauri for synonyms and related terms. Find the ones that nourish the natural effulgence in and of you so that joy is ever more forefront for you through your day and emanates from you to all others, every type of being. Be a facet of creative inspiration today for the benefit of all!

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