A specific use of Christ and Anti-Christ

In a course  that I was teaching, a student asked about evil, if was a Ray energy, as well as something in Esoteric Psychology vol. 1 about the Christ. Some of my response is below.

Firstly, evil is not emanated by any one of the Seven Ray energies. In this world, evil is quality that human beings perpetrate. Evil is separateness taken to a level of malevolence and, often, anarchy. Nor is evil,unto itself, the Anti-Christ, except in that human beings are acting out from that which is anti the inherent Christ-nature within which is the same as Buddha-nature, which is the same as Presence, which is the same as Creative Wisdom expressed through Activities of Compassion.

In the end of the section in Esoteric Psychology vol. 1 on the 4th Ray Purpose of Deity and its Aphorisms, the master DK writes about the Christ principle, the Anti-Christ, and cosmic evil. Master DK refers to the the Christ principle as the “Building principle.” This is to give name to the cosmic principle which I call “life building upon itself”. This principle is how the form and consciousness aspects (3rd and 2nd) proceed in current cosmos. The implication is that the previous incarnation or manifestation of cosmos proceeded differently and, therefore, in a way unknowable to us who now live, move, and breathe in the current manifesting cosmos. The experience of Becoming and Being by anyything in this cosmos is that of  the Builder principle.

ghosts_by_lovielovetree-d7s1pu2The Builder principle is recognized in:

  • a tree building upon itself year after year,
  • learning building upon itself in human skills, abilities, and types of relatedness,
  • complex compounds building upon themselves to create more complex expressions of stone, crystal, chemical compounds, or RNA to create DNA.

When its life cycle is complete, the “destroyer’ principle” comes forward. In this context, that is the Anti-Christ. On a macrocosmic scale, (therefore all around us) this is easy to see and understand. The destroyer principle provides the natural breaking apart of forms which the magnetic, cohering Christ principle has kept together.

infinity-loops2The Anti-Christ principle is like anti-matter. Anti-matter is difficult for most to understand because of the concept that matter is form. But matter is not form; matter is formulated energy. Thus the Anti-Christ principle releases the energy from the formulation that holds it in a form, and thereby releases the pure energy. For example, the smashing of atoms in a particle accelerator, or the causing of nuclear reactions, or creating bombs that use radioactivity or nuclear energy are examples of humanity using the Anti-Christ principle with the release of energy from its formulated package. These examples also express how that release of energy is destructive: destroying the relatively stable form that the energy is within. The destroyer principle is not evil unto itself, though great evil can be wrought using this principle for aggressive and aggrandized reasons, which is how the term Anti-Christ gets muddled with evil.

The  meanings and layers of concept regarding the Christ as well as Anti-Christ are varied and each is significant. Both terms would be spoken of and understood vastly differently in different contexts. These thoughts are specific to the student’s question and the pages referenced in Esoteric Psychology vol. 1.

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  1. Anne kennedy says:

    So is it the Anti-Christ principle that releases the physical body setting the pure soul energy free when we die?

  2. Grace Cavanaugh says:

    This is very interesting and it helps to understand many things occurring on the planet.Thankslove,g

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