Continuity of Consciousness 2

trispiralIn addition to the three intrinsic qualities of awareness (luminosity, dynamism, and  continuity – plus their derivations and synonyms), awareness is also self-same as contentment. Contentment is marked by these three qualities as well. When we have clarity, we are content. When we are feeling vital or dynamic, we are contented. When we are experiencing the uninterrupted flow of a moment, we experience awareness and contentment. Satiety is different, as it does not include all three qualities of awareness.

The continuity of consciousness, then, is only possible through sustaining awareness through its self-sameness as contentment. However, the desire for the rush of satiety generally distracts one from the gentle or simple bright contentment of a moment. Satiety is the arising of the need for drama or a personalized rush of adrenalin. Contentment is not this nor does it contain either drama or the rush of adrenalin.

* Audio snippets from any of the three locations will be included. This one is from the Milwaukee retreat.

Continuity of Consciousness Milwaukee 1

This retreat is occurring one more time at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center in Leyden, MA from January 7-10, 2015. Your are invited and encouraged to register early. Details.

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