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Chakras: did you know?

Did you know that ajna, your brow chakra, is related to perception and, therefore, to all forms of perception? Did you know that your solar plexus chakra is indicated in how sweet you are, if you crave sweets, or if … Continue reading

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Radiant like a wormhole and holographic: the chakras

Radiant as in jewel-like, vortextural like a wormhole, and holographic like a fractal. These terms describe the design of the chakras or energy centers of a human being. To understand these qualities of the chakras is to understand the nature … Continue reading

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June Full Moon Meditation

At one point in Earth’s history, the plant kingdom was new and was the newest form of evolution on Earth. Humanity is that now (and has been for quite some time). We are a new evolution on Earth. Understanding this … Continue reading

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Webcast: Vibrational Excellence

All cosmos is vibration. The ancient teachers have taught this for millennia, now science concurs. This means that you, I, and everything around us is a spectrum of vibrating frequencies. The frequencies of anger or pride are lower than the … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul: Book 1, sutras 36-38

Jen and I discussed Sutras 36-38 and associated subjects. Highlights: We discussed the enumeration of the Sutras as methods related to the chakras, as Bailey points out. Meditation using the Raja Yoga system Dream from various vantage points Samadhi as … Continue reading

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