Chakras: did you know?

embroidery_pattern_by_mario837-d4phy9y.pngDid you know that ajna, your brow chakra, is related to perception and, therefore, to all forms of perception?

Did you know that your solar plexus chakra is indicated in how sweet you are, if you crave sweets, or if you have diabetes?

Did you know that your root chakra is speaking to you through personal habits such as avoidance, control or stubbornness, the ability to take a stand, and boundaries?

The human chakra system is involved in every aspect of one’s life. There is no aspect or function of a human being that the chakras are not involved in. And, the chakras or energy centers are only one of the three primary components of the human subtle system. Understanding this system, even in a small way, is to begin to understand oneself more, and how a human being interacts with reality.

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Graphic: Embroidery Pattern by Mario on DeviantART

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