Meditation: breath, harmony

Being a closed system, everything and type of being of Mother Earth is interconnected, synergistic, and enrapt in systems of harmony. For example, a human in-breath requires breathable oxygen combined with an amount of nitrogen. Without both in breathable form and correct combination, we cannot exist. Plants -small, medium, and large- exhale these; and the carbon dioxide that we exhale is part of what plants inhale. Human beings didn’t create this synergy. Of course not. We are the youngest type of beings on Earth! Rather, Mother Earth’s modus operandi is harmony, interconnected interdependent inter-being and we are born from and life within this interconnected mutual whole.

Humanity and Mother Earth are in an unfortunate state modernly because some human beings have disconnected from the interrelated whole-ism of Life, such as those who drive business and political models predicated upon take and then take more regardless of the true costs of doing so or those who hold to an idea of supremacy over others (people, beings, animals, or environments). Capitalism is a model of supremacy that disregards collateral damage and the fabric of life that capitalism requires -as do we and all beings- to stay alive and actually thrive.

Breathing is necessary to life. Every type of being breathes, even at the bottom of the ocean. Breathing is used as the foundation of meditation practices from every world tradition that I know of. And if that meditation practice has an interest in the undercurrent and not-usually-noticed network of harmony that IS LIFE, then that practice will ground the practitioner in noticing the usually not noticed; precisely so that that person can notice the interdependent inter-beingness of one’s self with all beings and life.

Breathing, itself, is a harmonious relationship. We breathe in; we breathe out. The harmony is palpable. And if one can hang out a tad with the interlude, harmony is more than palpable. It is the state. The point of breathing as the foundation of meditation is lost if harmony, interdependent inter-being does not dawn in one’s mind and heart. This is why the wisdom of the Indigenous People of the world, Earth-based traditions, and those that understand interwoven as the only fabric of life are so important. The latter include Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, and herbal remedies for imbalances.

We continue with loving-kindness today; and do so simply by recognizing the harmony of Life itself of which we are a part.

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