Taurus-Wesak 3: concluding quotes and thoughts

“It might be pointed out that just as the Aquarian Age is coming into manifestation for our planet as a whole, bringing in its wake universal awareness and the new modes of expressing world synthesis, human interests and the world religion, so humanity – the world disciple – is beginning to come under the influence of Taurus. It is this influence which will bring about … the reversal of the wheel of life for those in the human family who are ready (and their numbers are now very great). This is happening and the results are inevitable and cannot be evaded. The great question is: Will this Taurean influence, increased as it is by the incoming Shamballa forces, produce the floodlight of illumination of which Taurus is the custodian, or will it simply foment desire, increase selfishness, and bring humanity to the ‘fiery heights of self-interest’ instead of to the mountain of vision and initiation?’ Esoteric Astrology pg. 374

This quote illumines a few points:

  1. that when the Sun precesses into a new sign, more than the obvious occurs. In the case of Aquarius – the completing sign of the Fixed Cross, it engenders response from the first sign of the Fixed Cross, Taurus.
  2. that the Earth and humanity are influenced by cycles that have collective and individual effects, yet,these influences are interconnected and produce interdependent results.
  3. that in order for the Aquarian evolutionary potentials to come forward and produce ongoing benefit, desire – as seeded in Taurus – must be transformed into the Will to Express Harmony. Only then can the resources and energies of being circulate with free flow. As long as self-oriented desire on a personal, societal, or national scale remains as the motivation behind human creative activity, limitation and the wheel of suffering will remain.
  4. Yet, “the numbers are great” of those who are ready to reverse the wheel of self-orientation. Due to interdependence and inseparability, the influence of this cadre of humanity can be the fulcrum that will tilt humanity into the fullness of the progressive Aquarian agenda.

Yuga-Chart-Blue-DwaparaThis is facilitated by the yuga which is now establishing its tone: the Dwarpara Yuga on the ascending arc. The yuga is augmented by the Seventh and Fourth Rays cycle in and the Sixth Ray (on a lesser wheel) cycles out. The sign Aquarius distributes the Fifth Ray of method, and its rulers distribute the incoming Rays, thereby fostering the newness heralded by this new age and yuga. (Uranus: 7th Ray, Mercury: 4th Ray, Moon: 4th and 7th Rays). Taurus also distributes the Fourth Ray and its rulers ditto the Aquarian energies. (Venus: 5th Ray, Vulcan: 7th Ray).

Shamballa is releasing its influence directly into humanity. We are given various reasons why this is occurring or is possible. A few germane to the Taurus-Wesak energy are.

  • 7th Ray cycle offers alchemical and constructive energies.
  • The 4th Ray is the Ray of the Soul of the Human Kingdom. When it is in cycle, humanity is afforded beneficent surges forward in its evolution.
  • Precession into a Fixed Cross sign enunciates the desire nature as the foundation of incarnation, of the Path, of aspiration toward any goal, while also providing desire as will, steadfastness, and that which ensures achievement.

Master DK further offers:

“Then comes the great process of polarization and a moment of transference (from the Mutable Cross – Pisces in the current world cycle – dmm) after which the influence of the Fixed Cross causes reversal and the lessons gained upon the Mutable Cross have to be worked out and the effects demonstrated upon the Fixed Cross.” Esoteric Astrology pg. 119

“It is only when the soul is becoming more alive within the form and the man is aware of his duality that the energies of the Fixed Cross supersede in effectiveness those of the Mutable Cross …  When the soul is, therefore, becoming more active, the effect of the Fixed Cross will be seen working out in the four signs along with the effects of forces of the Mutable Cross for “that which is dominated and relinquished is held firmly and transformed.”  Esoteric Astrology pg. 120

HathorThe precession of the Sun into the sign and Age of Aquarius heralds a stepping onto the Fixed Cross. The last time that occurred was the Age of the Bull (Taurus) in approximately 4468 BCE. During that age, humanity was also on the descending arc of the yugas, which is important to remember.

The Age of Aquarius will gradually reinforce the collective wholeness of Life. Life is One, all beings are One. Existence is the expression of unity through diversity (Aquarius energetically). Taurus, on the common Wheel, is the first sign of duality being the second sign. Other is created, and with it the fundamental illusion of duality, separateness, single identity, and identifiability of that which is perceived as distinct within Existence. As a result, existence seems distinct from Awareness. Whereas, Existence is Awareness-Being and Awareness-Being is the only existent. As a consequence, desire arises in relation to sensed need born of perceived separateness; therefore, humanity yearns and seeks satiety.

However, Taurus also holds the energy of will – the will of Life to experience itself. This is what matures from the energy of desire. The initial desire was that of pure Source-Presence to experience and participate in creation-expression in order to experience what creation could provide within cosmos. As such, Life works through desire, until desire is recognized as the very motivation for existence in the first place. Now desire is re-cognized as primordial Will.

This leads to a quote referenced in post #2:
“The secret of Taurus is revealed at the second initiation by the sudden removal or disappearance of world glamor in the blinding energy of light. This constitutes the final radiant activity which consummates the play of the Taurian force upon humanity during the long and cyclic journey to which man is committed. The individual enacts on a tiny scale what humanity – as a whole – will enact when it takes initiation in Taurus.”   Esoteric Astrology pg. 388

In the teachings from the Buddha, radiance and bliss are the conjoined and inseparable vibrational qualities of phenomenal existence. In other words, all is light and its range of vibrations; and all is delight – a play of vibrations for which the senses were created. I think that this is a deep correlation between the above quote from Master DK and the the Buddhas’s declaration about phenomenal existence. Furthermore, the Buddha’s revelation is instructive in producing some requirements for the second initiation.

  • A refined, clarified, and somewhat depersonalized relation to form.
  • The sacral center used for the creation of that which provides benefit to the interdependent nature of life in a demonstrable way,
  • The solar plexus being in resonance with the heart. As a result, the person increasingly experiences self-dividedness as untenable, and self- importance as to be left behind
  • The heart begins to slowly wax and the plexus, as an instrument of self, slowly becomes second to the heart being first.

All of the above require clarity of information, the best use of inner and outer resources, illumination and training of the mind, and an evolution from desire to spiritual will. The second degree requires that self satisfaction gives way to the needs of others. When these factors of readiness are established, the second initiation can be conferred.

The Master offers that that which the individual enacts personally is instrumental to the collective of humanity “taking initiation in Taurus.” It must be so because of interconnectedness. All effect all, all condition all.

During the Wesak festival, disciples are called to align with the Christ – the head of Hierarchy and with the Lord of the World in order to receive blessing from the Buddha. The scale of this blessing must be significant if all three organized centers of Awareness are called into coordination. Or is the blessing a simple energetic restating of the wheel of cause and result lived for benefit to all or as the degradation of all. Aligned, one experiences the Christ nature of the heart and necessary waning of the sense of self. Aligned with Shamballa, one experiences the vibrations of One Life and its Willed Insistence. Aligned, then, one experiences oneself as necessary to the right re-orientation of humanity in the dawning decades of the new Age. Maybe this is why the Wesak blessing is significant?

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