Meditation: confidence

We have confidence that a dirty dish is easily cleaned. The nature of the dish is clean; the dried food from breakfast is temporary and remove-able. We have confidence that our car can be cleaned. The dirt and mud is temporary and remove-able. And, we have confidence that a shower will remove the smells and dust from our body. The nature of our body is as we were born; the sweat or dirt is remove-able.

A meditation practice points to the already true and pure, already tranquil and spacious, already clear and vibrant nature of Awareness. Awareness is called by many names in every language on Earth, yet all are pointing toward that which already is – in all its wide variety of presentations and expressions. Awareness, Mind, Soul, Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, Heart, and so forth are like the term water which is pointing at ocean and raindrop, cool thirst quenching necessity, and mother of life.

When one sits for practice, Awareness is obvious. Some of its manifestations or qualities are present. It/they did not arise; but instead – for a moment or longer – no thoughts arose. This is like the sky which is present whether clouds arise or not. It is the repetition of this experience of nothing but Awareness (for one second, a few seconds, or more) that reminds us that Awareness IS, and that thoughts and emotions, worries or excitements are temporary. Awareness is already present every time we smile and breathe. Thoughts come and go, change and change more.

Take refuge in this confidence. When a troublesome thought or emotion arises, remind yourself that it is temporary, self-created, thus self-inflicted. Smile with that understanding, breathe that understanding, and settle for a moment into your breath and the spaciousness of simply being aware of the moment. Habituate to Awareness. Have confidence in innate being.

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  1. Sandra Krantz says:

    So very helpful. Useful metaphor. Thanks

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