Meditation: centered

Thank you for meditating! The world is definitely benefited by everyone who meditates and contemplates. And, the collective human consciousness of which everyone is a part is also positively affected by everyone who holds their mind in light and beingness.

Meditation practice coordinates the vehicles of body, speech, and mind or said otherwise: the body, emotions, mental processes, sense of self, and innate/higher nature. That coordination is experienced as centeredness.

When a meditative attitude and application of meditative way of being is brought into the common circumstances and situations of one’s day, one brings centeredness to those occurrences. Being centered demonstrates as being thoughtful, heedful, patient, calm, present, and overall mindful. With this mindfulness or awareness, one completes task, attends to things in a light-hearted way, keeps things in perspective, and lives from centeredness. The result of doing so, of being so, is ease in the life, ease with others, positive energy and positive karma.

The beneficial results of meditation – on and off the cushion – are constant as long as we are constant in practice.

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