Meditation: let the temporary dissolve

Temporary, arising whimsically and if not chased or reacted to dissolves into the nothingness from which it came, describes most of the thoughts, emotions, ideas, desires, and judgements in our mind-emotion complex. A meditation practice reveals all of the above but, just as important, meditation uncovers Presence already present. Presence is content; arising desires are superfluous. Presence is at peace; nothing was required to make it so. And, Presence is aware, cognizant of the now and all that is vibrant within it.

Our thoughts come and go; preferences drive us and drive us crazy. Boredom seeks a distraction but distraction then is boring, too. Presence, Awareness, innate seed of Being is not bored, seeks nothing, is neutral thus has no preference, and is harmonious and vibrant.

Let the temporary arising … be. The curious result of that is two-fold. a) We discover that the arising actually has no being. Our reaction or response to it gives it life, but otherwise the temporary is like a bubble. Bubbles don’t last. b) One ends up watching the temporary fade as well as the antsy-ness in the personality that is used to responding and fed by doing so. One observes. Insight is all of this, and it can be garnered any/every moment.

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