Pluto-Sirius alignment 1: cosmic display of innate Being

Light and Dark are within each other. To reduce these two words or their vast meanings to that of a pair of opposites is small-minded and unwise. The first of three Pluto-Sirius alignments will coincide with the Full Moon cycle of February in a few days. Here are some considerations for your contemplation and possible integration through the immediate five day full moon cycle (Feb.1- Feb. 5).

This is a macrocosmic event. Macrocosmic refers to all systems larger than oneself. The term includes the truth of interdependence which demonstrates as the flawless interpenetration that is shared livingness which, then, creates constant interaction and response from all interdependent factors. Government is an example of macrocosmic as are the constellations in the sky or one’s Being. The distinction among these three is that government does not understand or express from the implicit perfect interdependence of existence. Nonetheless, the Pluto-Sirius alignment unto itself is a macrocosmic event and, that it’s timing is coordinating with the Full Moon cycle, reinforces the larger energetics of this celestial event.

Being of a macrocosmic order, reflections that expand beyond the personal or collective embattled human nature must be considered. I disagree with the over simplification that Pluto represents the powers of Darkness and that Sirius represents the powers of Light. That concept too easily provokes a default to instinctual survival mentality. A larger consideration is that Pluto represents the wrathful aspect of Wisdom which is why it expresses as malevolence when wielded by the unwise and unkind, and why it can transform a person or situation quite fully when wielded as the implement of clarity and liberation. Pluto demonstrates voidness and the power within the recognition of voidness-infinitude. This is the Power of Sublime Will and Purpose. As such, Pluto, then, also demonstrates as the powerful problems that the non-unrecognition of emptiness engenders.

Within the sacred or occult imagery of the world, voidness-infinitude is often represented as a dark color such as deep blue-black or black. To the uneducated this reinforces the idea of darkness and its energy as being malefic. In truth, Pure Being is frightening. The Ineffable, being beyond all concepts therefore supreme beyond any light (mind, concept, ideation) that a mind can cast about pure Unwordable Being, its majesty and beyond-dimensionality, is unsettling because it is pure catalyzing dynamism; there is nothing settled about it. Yet this void-womb power is self-same as the Peace beyond Understanding like the seething currents of beyond-concept LIFE of the dark night sky. It is this level of Wrathful Wisdom of Unfabricated Being that is inferred in Pluto’s position within this macrocosmic alignment. Therefore, those (person or group of meditators and ritualists) who wish to align with and be a conduit for this Beyond-Concept-Wisdom of Being will best serve through emptying all personal will into the darkness of Voidness-Being.

To do this one must invoke and rely upon an emanation of Pluto’s dark light, and that is the energy that frees one from obscurations. Traditional astrology holds that Pluto represents the subterranean forces such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the unseen usually undetected unstoppable movement of greater forces within the bowels of the Earth. Thus by fractal sameness, Pluto represents these subconscious (personality) forces within oneself. The demonstrations of the shocking arisings and results of these forces is portrayed in the myth of Hades’ abduction of Persephone. The ground opened up. From this chasm to the Deep came Hades who took the princess of Life into the depths of darkness. She was allowed to return only briefly each Spring.

The macrocosmic force, though portrayed as malevolent, however, is not. And humanity’s non-recognition of this truth speaks of our collective continued mass delusion. Hades/Pluto in the myth represents the irrepressible Law of Giving (Sacrifice) that is the Law of Life and Purpose for which we, and everything, exists. Hades signifies our “fall” into the worlds of form so as to effect a greater purpose within self-made duality. That purpose is also beyond all concepts and cannot be known by the mind. Persephone represents humanity’s delight with matter and perceptions. Hades comes from within those perceived norms, (as his very arising and presence signify) and is the revelation that perceptions are erroneous. They are empty – void of projections – because all perceptions are born from the dream of existence that is taken as a reality. Yet this is not so. Humanity and all existence persists troubled by Plutonian forces specifically because of the amnesia of Purpose and Ineffable Being.

Sirius is given great honor in the Trans-himalayan writings. Sirius is also acknowledged as a great Source of consciousness and Wisdom by various ancient cultures; and we are to understand this in both literal and metaphoric ways. In the night-sky, Sirius seems to be at the heel of Orion. Sirius, called the Dog-Star, follows Orion, the great celestial king-archer. His belt of three “king” stars stands out. His arrow is directed at the Eye of the Bull in Taurus. It is within the Bull (Taurus) that the constellation Pleiades can be found. They mark the Bull’s shoulder. Aldebaran is the Eye. Humanity’s myths report. They are designed to remind us of the macrocosmic truths of Being, Purpose, Consciousness, and Law. This array in the heavens, now blotted out by 24 hour city lights and whose wisdom has been cast aside as fairytales of ignorant ancients, tell us why a Pluto-Sirius alignment is important.

Orion represents Power and Purpose Beyond all possible knowing. It represents the Unassailable Adamantine Pure and Unconquerable Nature of Awareness-Being. That which from Earth is seen as a three-star belt represents the TriUne qualities of Ineffable Awareness-Being. Orion’s arrow is the Rod of Purpose, the cosmic lingam. This arrow-rod is initiating Pure Purpose. It is self-same as beyond-any-thought-Wisdom which is brings forward parascosmic indivisibility (which the mother-source of all relation and relatedness). This arrow is always issuing from the Orion’s cosmic Bow. It enters the Yoni of universal fecundity and realization represented by the One Eye of the Bull. The Arrow of Purpose makes its way through the celestial mind-of-awakening represented by the Horns of the Bull. This bowl is the great chalice and holds the secrets of the truth of being of all existence. As the Diamond-Ray of the Impulsing Rod-Arrow proceeds through the celestial Ajna, the Chalice is infused with the Only One Source: pure Being and the intended realization of self-sameness on every scale. The seeds of light and purpose make their way to the Shoulder of the Bull, like sperm up the fallopian tubes. The shoulder marks the relation of the Throat Center (celestial chakric wheel) as the Mother of Creation’s Purpose and Laws. The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, then, are both the Mother and the Child: child of Purpose and the Intention to Engage all Awareness which is all Existence and the Mother of the mechanisms for self-aware awareness: consciousness and the seeded, now innate, intelligence of dimensionality.

Sirius follows behind this. Sirius rises on the Eastern horizon as the Bull with the Sisters of Holy Matter are highest in the sky. Sirius rises as Orion is, through the Rod/Arrow of Diamond Light, in seed-union with Awakeness (Mother/Sisters/Relation/Matter). Sirius is so bright because it is awake to what it has perceived and realizes that the two cosmic forces are not two but one. Awareness-Relation-Matter is the perfect mirror of Wisdom-Purpose-Law. Perceptions – represented by Sirius’ light – then, simply point toward but are not yet that which perceptions point to. Sirius is the self-aware Awareness that has come to this blazing all-recognizing, liberating, completely creative Wisdom.

In the upcoming alignment of Pluto-Sirius, Pluto, holds the position of the East: the point from which Sirius rises. Thus, one line of perfect connection and realization can be drawn in the heavens descending and completing in the Earth. Humanity’s lack of alignment with higher Law and Purpose has done its damage. Humanity is beginning to rise over the horizon of its perceptions of independence into the light of the sky of knowing. Interdependence is what we are realizing. And this, the cosmic King-Father and cosmic Harem-Mother report.

Layers of meaning, self-actualization, realization of truths, and lasting liberation are embedded within the understandings that the night sky holds for humanity. The alignments of great celestial forces are intended to, like Orion’s arrow, point to the Eye of Awakeness within each of us. The ajna center is a wheel of realization. It is a chakra designed for the amplification of inner light, reason, and wisdom should one choose to use the ajna center as such. The cave of the head represented by the Horns of the Celestial Bull is also found within a human being. It is not only the cavity of the cranium but also signifyies the empty nature of Mind-Awareness itself. Additionally, the Bowl asks if one is a worthy vessel and if one’s life is a living chalice? The ajna Eye of the Bull is the Wish-Fulfilling Gem of the illumined Mind as well as the awakening mind of compassionate purpose.

Pluto portends the highest light and purpose that humanity is capable of. It also readily displays and brings into full karmic account the ignorance and violence of which humanity is capable. When humanity acts as the bully-lord, the results are horrific. When humanity lives from its purpose for Being – the givingness of the causal Spirit, the results are profound. Use this Full Moon cycle for contemplation and personal reflection. Realize more of the nature of existence and why you exist.

I will be leading a full moon meditation online on Tuesday, February 3 at 8 pm ET. It is free. Register to obtain the link.

* Depictions of Orion with a raised club in one arm and a dead lion in the other are a version of Orion congruent with the Kali Yuga of aggression and violence. The great yugas have precessed on. Humanity is now in the Dwapara Yuga and coming out of its infatuation with force over wisdom.

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  2. Anne kennedy says:

    Thanks Donna for all that you write & give freely to those willing to listen. You’ve helped me actually , “feel”, the truth of these words rather than try to figure it out or analyze it word by word or sentence by sentence. A very big step for me, one of many I need to take. Thank you!

    • Most welcome, Anne. There is so much to explore about life. This is why I am grateful for the esoteric sciences and for philosophy. They make us think but also give us dots to connect. Then we can, once again, step back and see what we think.

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