Deconstruction, new View

To base

  • desires about one’s death (how it will unfold, when it will come, what it will entail),
  • or designs about the afterlife (heaven, bardos, purgatory, pure lands, or the design that there is no afterlife at all),
  • or wishes for a quality of rebirth

upon the desires and knowns of the current life is delusion and will only superimpose the existing conditions upon future possibilities.

We must perceive through the concerns, appetites, and desires of this life. Why? Because they are predicated upon that which is temporary, fleeting, and insubstantial. Such words describe the fleeting and unpredictable nature of the incarnated life as well as that which fills it and its conditions.

However, to establish the intention of newness is to truly prepare for death. To establish the mind of awakeness is the preparation for the between states of afterlife. To establish oneself as the Way for others’ well-being sets the energy and quality of rebirth.

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