Meditation: held within the open heart

One feature of beings of planet Earth is that all are sensitive, thus responsive. Think about it. A chemical bond is a type of sensitive response between two atoms including the response of the protons and neutrons within both atoms. Plants turn toward the sun, some close to the rain or to the night, others open. Birds call in the morning – a response to the devic life of their environment awakening but also the birds’ celebrating of the sun itself. Animals touch, groom each other, listen to each other, respond in myriad ways. Fish respond to the fluctuating smells in the water, the pressure or currents in the water, and how the sunlight plays with the temperature zones. Human beings also express sensitivity in many ways.

Empathy, listening, being present, courtesy, respect, living in a just manner are some human sensitive responses. Our response to beauty, and the variety of eyes, ears, tongues, and felt-sense of what is beautiful or palette-able, etc is also due to sensitivity. Love, friendship, collaboration, cooperation, compromise are, too.

But, so often we respond by shutting down, tuning out, distracting ourselves more than being open to the full range of sensitivity that is being human. It is important to recognize these self-protective tendencies because liberation, change, wakefulness all lie in openness, in sensitivity. Distracting ourselves from emotions or that which troublesome does not make the source of the troubling thing go away, nor will it ever, and that’s a problem. Due to not being truly present to the emotion, human beings don’t really seek the source of an emotion or problem, thus the source isn’t changed. Suffering continues and human beings continue with distraction and tuning out or shutting down.

This week we will focus on the open heart and hold all beings in the sensitivity that is innate to all and also is the mother-source of expressing compassion.

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