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The Inner Dynamics of Meditation

Hours and days of meditation provide opportunity to clarify one’s practice. Patanjali was clear in his Sutras about the stages leading to and then within meditation: right withdrawal – pratyahara concentration – dharana meditation yogically understood – dhyana absorption – … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul: Book 2 Sutra 27 discussion

Sutra 27 from Book 2 sets up the Eight Means to Yoga as offered by Patanjali. They are on a level similar to the Four Noble Truths inclusive of the Eightfold Path given by Buddha Shakyamuni. And, truth be told, … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul: Book 2, Sutras 1-4

Book 2 of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali give the practitioner the method whereby to gain union. Union is accomplished through various subsets of right relation beginning with one’s livingness (fiery aspiration), one’s mind and awareness (spiritual reading), and one’s … Continue reading

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