Why meditate?

For truth. Meditation brings one to truth of the moment, truth of feelings, and truth of being. In so doing, a practice of meditation also deconstructs the falsities that one projects onto a moment, onto others, and onto oneself. In this way, a meditation practice comes at truth from two angles: on the meditation cushion in one’s sitting and off the meditation cushion in one’s life.

But, what about relaxation, pleasant peaceful experiences, lightedness, and such that meditation is touted to produce? Yes, these experiences are possible and occur for most people in time, but none of these are the reason to learn to meditate or to deepen one’s practice. Truth, the freeing that truth provides, the truth that truth provides, and a facile, empathic understanding of life are the gifts of meditation initially and for a long time. These inspire us to change our self, change the world, be kind to our self, be kind to others, and to perceive the world as a great inter-connected whole. We come to factually get it that how we interact with those immediately before us matters to the wholeness of existence! Therefore, truth and truth of being are so important to cultivate.

I’ve been practicing for a long time and teaching it for over 30 years. Online meditation has been very worthwhile because we can hook-up together for a live session no matter where we are. Over the several years of offering online meditation, one comment that is frequently made by practitioners is the joy and support of the group field of others gathered at the same time. I hope you can join us.

Everyone is muted. There is no dialogue. Video is off too (though some phones try otherwise!). Come in your pajamas; no one will see. Come before work and set the tone of the day. Come to yourself and come for the world.

New link from the last time we were together. https://zoom.us/j/760528904

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday at 9 am ET (8CT/7MT). We begin Dec. 4.

Please delete the old link.

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