Maturation of the spiritual Path: esoteric astrological interpretation

The Master DK gave the world the teaching on esoteric astrology. His focus was largely macrocosmic, which is not the focus of the six-week online course that I am currently teaching. However, within the overall teaching of EA is the insistence that astrological interpretation must mature to include esoteric and hierarchical levels of energy and meaning in its understanding of celestial influences. The reasons for this are the consciousness (esoteric) and beingness (hierarchical) dimensions of life. A human being is a multi-dimensional being cyclically incarnating into form for training in co-creatorship.

The current course is, therefore, about quality and energy and not about the detail of the personal life. Esoteric astrology is not predictive like traditional astrology because predictions of events or circumstances in the personal life are not its focus. Instead, the maturation of the spiritual Path is. Each person’s chart describes the current incarnation as if from three different views: that of the personality, the Soul, and the Hierarchy. Let me define how I use these terms within the course and, as such, what I hope the student gains.

Personality refers to the everyday self. Its dimensions include physical body and physical responsibilities, emotional interactions and daily relations, computative mind and logical reasoning, and everything that refines, utilizes, and matures the personal self as well as  everything in this list. This is conveyed by the traditional rulers and level of interpretation of a horoscope.

Soul refers to the qualities of light, love, and beneficence that are innate in all beings. These three are not limited to or by the words chosen here. For example, light is radiance, clarity, lucidity, translucence, iridescence, not weighty, non-burdening, and initiating. More words could convey the sub qualities within the overarching quality of light but these give the idea. It would be similarly so for the qualities of love and beneficence. It is important to realize that, in this course, the Soul is not a higher personality – a higher self with problems to fix. Soul is that which is glorious and majestic and the true nature of a human being. It cannot be damaged or decreased, nor does it go away or get lost. The esoteric level of rulership refers to the Soul qualities of the planet, sign, and of the native.

Hierarchy refers to the profound purpose of all Souls on Earth as part of a great network of creation and transformation. As large and abstract as this sounds (and possibly is), one’s chart reports your part to play in the re-creation of local cosmos. This has to be done through the dimensions of one’s life and consciousness. For Bailey students, this refers to the ashramic work that one is responsible for. For those not familiar with the Seven Rays teaching, the hierarchical level of interpretation points one toward the highest consciousness accessible to one and, therefore, what he or she is responsible to live from. The hierarchical rulers are a powerful injunction to the native. They are the insistence of pure Being.

One’s daily life forces a default to the traditional rulers, the mundane tasks, and the personal dramas of the day. These are described in the traditional (exoteric) rulers and catalyzed with transits. Yet, from the point of view of the Path, these transits are to shake us out of these default patterns not to deepen them.

The esoteric rulers describe the conscious way to live one’s life. They offer wisdom to all mundane matters while fostering new patterns of conscious response to one’s life. The goal of the esoteric rulers is to stabilize Soul’s qualities such that one’s life is Soul’s expression.

The hierarchical rulers describe the way of lighted power and the unremitting Path of transformation. It is available and accessible to those who choose to engage it. Transits will often kick up these “winds of change” and call us to the purity of essential Being. That’s when the profound touches our life; that’s when we can touch into the limitlessness of Being.

We have had two out of six of the online sessions. All are webcasted and course documents and pdfs are supplied. If you would like to join this online course, it is not too late. Foundational astrological background is necessary. Contact me at with questions or register here.

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