Meditation: Buddhi 5 – causes

It has been purposeful to not write much about buddhi thus far in to allow one to experience what he or she does without a predisposed mind. Simply experience, notice what is to be noticed, then understand that some of these qualities stem from the attributes of buddhi. A write-up on buddhi is coming soon.

Those with esoteric training have information regarding buddhi. You know something about it being one of seven planes within the cosmic physical plane; and some have read that it is called “the clear cold light” by Master DK. But have you used vipashyana insight and direct perception to realize the ways in which that clear cold light is present in you, in meditation experiences, or in off-the-cushion livingness?

My desire is that practitioners be able to bring daily experience into union with meditational experiences. Otherwise, the two are separate: this remains this and that remains that. Yet, we intuitively know that separate is not ultimately true or real. So, to recognize the “this within the that” and vice versa indicates that one’s meditation practice is spanning the chasm that usually lies between this and that in our mind. And, this bridge, this span, this relatedness must be in place, be used and lived increasingly if the next phase of buddhi-integration is to be possible. It was given by Buddha Shakyamuni. He said,

When this is, that is. (or otherwise interpreted, When this is, that comes into being.)

When this is naught, that is naught as well.

In other words, concepts, labels, projections and fabrications of one’s mind predicated upon one’s sense of reality which is predicated upon one’s experience base are the “this.” Based upon our “thises” thats come into being in our mind, emotions, and sense of reality. If and as one learns to hold the mind and personality complex neutral, non-labeling, non-conceptualizing even for a flash of a moment, then during that momentary non-ness, actual/true Awareness is possible. All of this process is buddhic but requires a tamed and trained mind-emotion-ego complex.

Ah, the Path and meditation as its tool!

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