#5. Astrological houses viewed spiritually – 9th house addendum

As we go around the Wheel, take note of the planets that rule and if nuanced distinctions can be discerned by you in how you live and are more fully to express the dynamics of  your chart (horoscope).

For example, Jupiter has been illustrated in Aquarius and in Sagittarius thus far. It will also be discussed in Virgo where it is the hierarchical ruler. If we were adding exaltations, then Cancer would also be spoken of. Take a look at this chart.

Astrology, like the Tree of Life or the symbolism within a thangka, is a system of recognitions or illuminations. Recognize Jupiter for its common characteristics and those can lead to the next higher or refined attributes of Jupiter which can then reveal the next refined level. The purpose of recognizing such is for one’s evolution, just as it is with the Tree or with a thangka. If one is content to live Jupiter as one does, then this series of posts will have no value. If one has surrendered to the whims of past karma and cares little about extinguishing the causes of such circumstances, then the instructions of one’s Saturn and Pluto have no value either. Apathy is not a feature of the Path, nor is mediocrity. The spiritual Path – in all its traditions – is a ceaseless and unremitting push to the edge of Awareness and how to be in this world as a conscious benefit to it. True, not everyone is Greta Thunberg or Ugo Mattai (Italy) or Martin Luther King, Jr., but each person is more than whatever is currently being expressed through one’s body, speech, and mind: one’s physical dimensional existence, one’s vibrational resonance and relatedness, one’s intuitive awareness and creative understanding. The three turns of the spiral offered by Master DK in Esoteric Astrology are instructions in this regard. These posts are limited in their ability to illumine because of me; but your ability to do so for yourself through contemplation, being open, and intuitive resonance is all that’s really needed.

Also, there will be repetition of certain qualities, skills, or attributes related to planets because those are what they are. The reader might want to compile these as they are given in the posts. We used to make index cards, now, who knows. That exercise will support learning more of astrology, but your effort will foster deeper contemplation in the moment. As you read of Mars in the hierarchical position in Sagittarius (9th house post), one can ponder one’s Mars. Hierarchical Mars is not common Mars in expression; but you can live Mars on any level or set of skills and qualities that you want to. Knowing that invites the best in all of us. Have fun discovering and embodying!


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