Meditation: a mandala expression

Everything in manifestation is a mandala expressing. Words are a mandala of sounds, meaning, interpretation, emotion and thought, as well as the mandala of interaction between sounder and those who hear the sounds/words/meanings. This is so whether the mandala is the sound of a Harley Davidson or a baby’s laughter.

Environment is a mandala. Each item in a meal is a mandala, then the meal as a whole is. But, so is the plethora of rain or irrigation, soil, sun, wind, growers, chemicals (if the food is non-organic), pickers, packers, transportation components and people.

You are a mandala and every second of your incarnated presence is a mandala. The layers of seen and unseen, recognized and unrecognized of you, everyone each of us knows, and everything that we could ever open to is a vast mandala unto itself (each item or person or moment), which -like a Mandelbrot set- is one fractal mandala within a vast array and display of mandalas. All of them are energy, are radiating, vibrating, and expressing.

Recognize Being.


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