Awakening pt. 2

Life is One. All beings are one. We are one in the current world-event, one in its potential for arising excellence, one in concern, one in death, one in the birth of those who are incarnating during these tumultuous times, one shared heart beating, one shared Being breathing.

Every moment that you can offer understanding, wakefulness, harmony, patience, and compassion into the collective consciousness of humanity. If, in this moment, you are healthy, offer it to all who are not or will not be tomorrow. This includes your mental and emotional states. When you experience wonder with a sunrise or sunset, or the beauty of a Spring blossom or bird song, or the wondrous event that is upon the world and all its potential for positive change on every scale of human endeavor, offer that wonder, that beauty, that wondering, that contemplation on potential and vision into the collective human consciousness. Doing so invites harmony, wonder, awe, wakefulness, contemplation, and thoughtfulness from our brothers and sisters while calling it forward within oneself.

Every moment that you experience fear, concern, feeling trapped or curtailed, bored or frustrated offer that you recognized your emotional-mind being overtaken and that with noticing you breathed, smiled into your emotions and mind, and observed the afflictive emotion decrease. Offer your moment by moment triumph into the collective consciousness of humanity. Everyone who uses a moment of troublesome emotion as a method of awareness and transformation is, in that moment, tincturing right antidote (awareness and self-kindness) into the shared emotion-mind stream of humanity. We are benefited by our mindful noticing. And, those we share space with are benefited as our emotions open and transform from imploding ones to unfolding ones. Brother-sister humanity is benefited also because we are one shared beingness and conscious awareness.

If you are ill, sourced from any malady, use the illness or infirmity, disability, handicap, or change in the body’s capacity as a reflection on what is: life is fluid, changing all the time; physical bodies are designed to be strong and then to no longer be so; mortality, frailty, sickness are assured in this life from the moment we are born. Knowing these things and contemplating them deeply illumines how precious each moment is and that no one is alone in his or her challenging circumstance. The truth is that for every ache and pain in one person, there are likely billions of people in the world this same moment experiencing similar or worse. We share pain, frailty, dying and death with all our brothers and sisters. No one escapes the Angel of Death, nor loss, grief, the unknowns of sickness and its journey. But we can use each moment that these truths are the experience of our life as the spark and fuel for awakening. Offer your considerations on into the collective consciousness of humanity. Every moment of every day, remember that Syria is still ravaged, Venezuela is still ravaged, fire-leveled California and Australia are still ravaged, sea levels are still rising and that the Spring tornadoes have begun. Spring floods are poised as the snows melt, and summer’s heat will break records again.

Coronavirus is importantly diverting humanity’s attention away from these in order to get our collective attention. So, as you are attending an ache or pain or difficulty breathing or are engaged in supporting someone, offer your where-with-all to humanity. Know our shared condition and know that your prayer, and my prayer, and the prayers of everyone who chooses to offer prayers, meditations, contemplations, moment-by-moment awareness, loving-kindness, patience, creativity, spontaneous laughter and spontaneous joy into the collective consciousness is changing that collective consciousness. The only way to change suffering is to change its causes. Reflection, contemplation, and acknowledgement are how we begin that process.

As you are walking, doing yoga or positioning your meditation cushion just right, notice. Notice the air, your body, your relationship with Mother Earth and all her creatures seen and unseen. Then offer that moment of noticing and everything in that momentary-mandala into the collective consciousness so that others, too, will notice and offer.

As you are preparing a meal notice your actions, the smells, the desires for a particular meal-outcome, the creativity and know-how of what you are doing. Then think about people who –in that very moment– are cooking. Some are using the one pot they have, crouched at a dung-fed small fire. Some are using herbs grown in their gardens, others using spices purchased at a colorful bazaar. Think of the homeless and if they have something to eat. Think of the refugees all over the world, what is their situation? My friends, use every moment, whatever thought, emotion, activity, contemplation, frustration, wondering, or creative expression as meditation and reflection on the shared oneness of humanity. Life is ONE; all beings are one. And then offer that moment and all its luminous quality, brought forward because you noticed, breathed, smiled, reflected, and mused, into the collective consciousness of humanity.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and now is the time.

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