Awakening pt. 5: money, honey

A future-projected consideration of money, or finance, business, and commerce is best initiated with an examination of the illusory nature of these. Its root is the whimsical character of value. What is valued, devalued, or considered irreplaceable by a culture or person is imputed and ascribed while also changing with age or influences or trends, etc. . An examination of what you or I spend money on, go into debt for, or are willing to spend on something is revelatory of the desire-driven, arbitrary quality of value and worth. The same applies to expenditures for company or nation.

Being piloted by the vagaries of human desire nature, value and what is valued are not set. Trends in clothes or Netflix binging are examples as are political orientation, ideas about entitlement or convenience, and one’s world view. Underlying these are two foundations: self-focus/self-importance and other-focus and that as important. Both engender beliefs, convictions, choices, and business practices reflective of the focus. Avarice and pollution invariably come with the focus on individual gain. Pollution can demonstrate as deceit, snobbery, malfeasance, and oppressing uses of power, as well as devastation or poisoning of nature’s systems. Why would self-importance breed these? Because to produce gain for one requires loss for many. Why is that? Because everything in existence is intimately and intricately connected. Self-focus is deviant from the ways of Life and that which supports all of life thriving. An observation of Nature, natural systems, and indigenous cultures that live in harmony with Nature report:

  • that Nature does not produce pollution
  • that Nature creates no waste but uses interdependence completely and thoroughly
  • that natural systems are vibrantly dynamic as well as cyclic. Natural systems breathe. They are never static.
  • that cultures living in harmony with Nature have an ethos of simplicity and protector for that which gives them life. Life is understood as spiritual well-being integrated fully with daily sustenance, shelter, and collective well-being.

One human cause of fluidity regarding value is information, how it is used and propagated about people, places, and things. This is combined adroitly with apathy, ignorance, and the all-powerful human desire nature by those who desire gain or power. Remember Erin Brockovich and her investigation into California’s PG&E power company regarding toxic chemical dumps and their relation to cancer in children and adults? The ignorance (not knowing) and trust of the locals put them in jeopardy. Brockovich’s research was conclusive: PG&E had chosen profit over the health and safety of it own customers and Californians in general. A slap on the hand to PG&E, some money paid to those who had lost their lives and/or their children to PG&E’s greed, and PG&E continued on. Fast forward to the worst forest fire in California history two years ago. PG&E again. This time: sparking power lines and transformers combined with overgrown line-ways. The company has filed bankruptcy and, once again, those whose lives have been irrevocably changed will not receive appropriate compensation for property loss. This example has myriad variations on its theme. These have cursed the good natured trust of neighborhoods, farmers, rivers, lakes and oceans in addition to the native populations on all inhabited continents. It plays out in the form of poisons, known to be carcinogenic to humans and animals, sold as herbicides or pesticides or weed killers. The term “killer” should indicate the bigger picture to everyone. But then we are a species that chooses cigarettes and narcotics and sugar. The question before humanity with the current transits and those for the next decade is why are death and disease, abject poverty and disparity, war and aggression in all its forms including bigotry still part of human life and accepted as such? I want to paint a picture; one that insists upon human beings noticing and acknowledging our role in our reality and our responsibility for that to all other inhabitants of Earth as well as to our ourself.

I trust fully in the ongoing and guaranteed awakening of humanity. Why? Because confusion is temporary, moods are fleeting, arising emotions – even the most dangerous and destructive – do not last. All of these ebb and flow. Happiness, love, and creativity do too. But, (pregnant pause), tranquil harmony and innate wisdom within everyone is present always. It is our nature. Emotions, thoughts, beliefs, value or devaluation come and go. Additionally, the Hathors or Pleiadians might offer assistance, Crop Circles might provide the code to free energy, meditation practices might help us clear away the dross that clutters our heart-mind and support non-distractedness, but only you and I and the collective can “save” us. As the Buddha said, “You are your own master. Who else can be?” Thus as we “illumine” our way, with Covid-19 initially supporting that clarity, we will transform ourselves by transforming our attachments, aggression, and unknowing. And, there are lots of people doing that through the countless methods of the Path. Yeah!

The astrology is clear: shape up or … there is no or. Humanity has the in-the moment, in-the face (mask on, of course) opportunity to recognize that we are the cause of our own suffering, anxiety, scarcity, inequality, and are the cause of death. Regarding death, think of nuclear power and its waste products, of poaching animals for ivory or aphrodisiacs, their fur, hands, or horns; think of salmon unable to go upstream to spawn due to dams or rivers blocked by human debris; think of weaponry which ultimately has one function; think of greed and avarice which inevitably result in the suffering of great numbers of people, animals, and habitats. These issues are human made. Another example is Covid-19 which came from a pangolin in China. These timid creatures are trapped, killed, and then their scales sold. Pangolins are an endangered species because of human trafficking of their body parts.

This article is shaping into a grizzly one. But, these aspects of the unredeemed human psyche in individuals, human cultures and societies must be addressed. In order to begin to address them, we must acknowledge them. Human beings still hurt one another for sport, still have dog fights, chicken fights, watch snakes and mongooses duke it out. Film making is a multi-billion dollar industry. In America, the majority of films produced are violent. Why is violence, crime solving or crime itself, personal drama and hardship entertaining?

Though human beings are living longer, most are living with disease for that longer life. Disease has increased substantially because pollution of every kind, stress, and inactivity have also increased. Causes/conditions/results. But, if we are clever enough to create trouble, we are also smart enough to create well-being and liberation. In this regard, capitalism comes to mind. As an economic model, it can never generate true well-being for the masses because the model is based upon the fictitious notion of gain. The natural world and Earth as a whole do not work that way. Share, inter, each participating fully and equally in the flow of everything is how Nature functions. Capitalism is not going away quickly. Its deconstruction will likely require Neptune to be in Aries or Taurus to wash away the aggression of capitalism (Aries) or in Taurus the Earth will say “No. You cannot take any more.” Further assistance will come from Uranus in Cancer (2033-2040) and then Pluto in Pisces (2044-2060). Parenthetically, Jupiter will be in Capricorn again in 2044.


Currently, Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn in July of this year, staying in Capricorn until early December. Jupiter the same. In fact, be aware that from Dec. 6-18, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will be combust (1° or less apart). A big (Jupiter) full stop (Saturn) will happen again. The last couple of days of Jupiter/Saturn combust will also “enjoy” Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn (Dec.17-19). If humanity keeps causes/conditions/results in mind now, then we will put causes in motion now that will assist us well when we need assistance. The single citizen who reads this might say, “what can I do? The elected officials in my country make the rules.” Well, I guess, let’s do our best to elect wise, thoughtful officials. (Officials, governance, laws are Capricornian.)

Capricorn has the same wide range of expression and potential as do all the signs of the zodiac. The energy of the sign and the stars of its constellation are different from how human beings might use or express any sign’s energy. Human expression of a planet or sign’s energy is dependent upon his or her point of Path, and the same collectively.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. Cardinality is forward directed, independent, and undeterred. Think of a mountain rising up from the ocean’s depths or from the plains. The earth element lends the temperament of being reliable, predictable, and capable of producing abundance. On the flat wheel, Capricorn and Sagittarius share the zenith of the wheel, the highest part of the wheel. Both are the last signs of their elements also (earth and fire respectively). Both zenith and last should not be overlooked in order to understand the full potential of these two signs.

Human beings and Capricorn

Point of Path is the important factor here. Human Capricorn qualities include:

  • cruelty together with disregard of the consequences and suffering of others that result from self-important authoritarian decisions and actions.
  • ambition. Ambition is fundamentally self-focused. One’s goals will better oneself even if at the cost of other’s.
  • logical, methodical, not easily deterred. These are neutral qualities. If the person is altruistic and heart-mind oriented, then these mental abilities support accomplishing benevolent outcomes.
  • authority and its structures of compliance.

As mentioned, Capricorn represents a height of human potential as well. The master DK suggests that it is a height that is unsurpassed which includes the freeing of oneself from the thralldom of logic (based upon ideas, comparison, and competition), of unitary visions of accomplishment (based upon self-importance, pride, and avarice), and of being insensitive or de-sensitized to the plight of all with whom life is shared. These liberations make one fearless (Mars exalted), inclusive, wise, and empathetic (Venus hierarchical ruler), and master within one’s self (Saturn ruling exo and esoterically). Master DK indicates that Capricorn holds facets to understanding the parameters of the third initiation. It is the first Solar initiation, thus light, illumination, and awareness/emptiness are features within this stabilization of realization. It is the initiation of height, vision, and of the self in right relation/proportion/alignment with the Plan of Illumination and Benevolence for all beings. One becomes a beginner bodhisattva with this initiation which means that self is no longer the driving force. The interconnectedness of nondual wisdom-compassion and the creative processes of benevolence are.

Everyone can “take advantage” of the planets in Capricorn. The greedy and the self-obsessed will, to be sure. But, these planets, the sign of Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, and Uranus in Taurus all herald awareness, awakening to our responsibility to Earth, one another, and to Life itself. Each of these requires personal embodiment of the best qualities of being human. Those of us who are in our 60’s or older have witnessed a precipitous decline in ethics, honesty, personal integrity, and upright conduct in a mere 25 years or so. That can be turned around! Covid-19 has proved that human activity is terribly detrimental to the Earth, its air, and fellow creatures. What will each of us do as lockdowns are lifted, as malls reopen, as airports and the closed environment of an airplane or a cruise ship don’t seem so dangerous to one’s health? Let us remember that the mall, the airplane, the cruise ship are still dangerous: to one’s wallet and debt margin, to the Earth and therefore to all younger generations, and to you and me when we reincarnate. Stay home and garden, my friends.

Money, honey. The current primary economic model (capitalism) is unforgiving (Capricorn). It is self-serving (cardinal). It has been rapacious to Mother Earth, to indigenous people and their sovereignty, and has turned relationship into a mathematical equation of gain and loss. People are now consumers, collateral damage is not counted in the bottom line as death and destruction, and in America businesses and the rich can purchase elections. All of these are manifestations of people at a low point on the Path demonstrating Capricornian aggression and misguided actions. Other signs are expressing as well. Money as it is valued, made-to-order, and the debt index of the world, its people, and individual nations is unsustainable, too. Why? Because death and destruction are not life, and predator/prey is for animals and we are not animals. Visionaries, arise, please! New thinkers, come forward; we are listening. Bold, young would-be leaders, let us know you are out there. Humanity needs you.

I want to leave you with what vision and forward-thinking can offer. New Zealand has seen the handwriting on the wall of the world and has chosen new, green, and wise. Please read this short article. One thing that will serve us well right now is perspective. A representative from Boeing said this week that with people not flying and new planes not needed that its current work force is unsustainable, therefore layoffs are planned. What is unsustainable to the Earth is air travel in its current form. The next time you purchase paper products purchase bamboo rather than products made from trees. Bamboo grows the height of a tree in months and regrows just as fast. Trees? We all know the answer to that. Plus, deforestation is a significant contributor to changes in weather patterns, to erosion in all its forms (desertification, or rain runoff, and landslides), and the loss of habitat for millions of animals and insects. Sustainable, value, whimsical; these are our choices.

Capricorn can be very stern, punitive, harsh, and demanding. It can also demonstrate great resolve and inspired activity for that which will benefit for decades or centuries. Mother Earth (earth sign) will do what she needs to to survive. Will we? As the New Zealand articles points out, and others have for decades (remember Al Gore and An Inconvenient Truth?), creating a green new world costs a lot less than continuously trying to clean up the damage or do damage control from our collective current ways. Our “normal” has been abnormal. Let’s not go back to it.

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