Meditation: have confidence

Good things take time, but they do eventuate. Benefit can also be instantaneous and delightful, catching us by surprise. Let’s reflect on the ripples of transformation or benefit that have resulted from awareness more it its seat.

That which is beneficial to you personally also benefits the world. Notice that interconnectedness of being. It’s true.

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Meditation: a thankful heart

Countless beings, beginning with human beings, have supported us and our Path since beginningless time. With a thankful heart and mind, we reflect on some aspects of that in this meditation.

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No Online Meditation: May 24-June 3

We are having an in-person meditation retreat here in Jaroso. Please continue your meditation practice for the world, your self, and everyone around you. Use this blog for podcasts or practice on your own.

We’ll meditate online on Saturday, June 4. See you then.

Bring in the light!!

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Meditation: worth

What is worth your time?

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Meditation: essence and erosion

I hope that you will listen to this podcast because to type what was spontaneously said would be redundant for those who do listen. Laughter and an explanation of why each person’s experience of Presence (essence, Awareness, or various other terms) was offered in the moment. The qualities, textures, sensations, and more that you or I or anyone experience are what they are becauseĀ  of our habits of consciousness. More in the podcast, plus a long silent meditation of essence-Presence.

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