Meditation: one whole

For the third time, our meditation engages the layers of a person so as to experience one’s wholeness. As we do so, quietly letting the experience of mind, emotion, physical body, etheric body, and so forth grow in our awareness, we also experience a pervasive tranquility. The layers or vehicles are felt to be more spacious and more ethereal, thereby, less limiting or confining.

Experience yourself fully.

one whole 030219

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Meditation: the dynamism of wholeness

Layers of vibrant, dynamic movement, of forces and energies, of time collapsing and being born, a human being is this. You are this; I am this. Yet, if each is acknowledged, experienced even briefly in its own right, then a wholeness overtakes the experienced parts.

The wholeness is whole, integrated, coordinated, thus at peace. Wholeness is whole, thus no part or dimension is more important than other – all are equal. Impartiality is recognized within the experienced wholeness.

What resides is tranquility, not a person meditating. Personness has flowed – not flowed away – as there is nowhere to go. Wholeness is.

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Meditation: dynamic layers

Layers of presence vibrate within us. The mind pulses with thoughts, inspirations, creativity, and pulses with the space between them. Emotions dynamically rise and fall, calling attention to their vibrancy. Most often, emotions, feelings, and the richness of sensations are too intense; we shy away from their depth and scope. The physical body is ceaseless in its movements. The blood always flows, organs always work, heart always pumps, the lungs always breathe. Additionally, there is movement: an articulation of energy and momentum, of restfulness and peace.

A human being also has centers; seven primary chakras and myriad lesser ones. They are perpetually taking in energy and vibration for people, places, and moments and they respond by putting energy, force, and vibration out into the world.

A person is a complex gyroscoping or swirling matrix of energies. Some blink in and out of manifestation like quantum particles are said to do. Others appear to reside, abide, be stable and lasting. We are a walking toroid that is in constant flow.

Step 13 of The Practice of Living Awareness is Toroidal Flow.

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Graphic: Angel of Fire

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Meditation: more than a collection of parts

The central channel within a person is, almost literally, the manifestation of the sacred vibration and intention – OM – that is inaudibly sounded by one’s conscious awareness when one decides to incarnate.

The tendencies of lifetimes, the positive as well as unresolved karma is made dynamic and active, consciousness, emotional tendencies and mental or perceptive capacity are chosen and collected together like a cook organizes the ingredients for a meal. An incarnation is created.

The central channel is key to it all. Listen, contemplate, and meditate with today’s meditation podcast.

more than a collection of parts 022319


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Meditation: integrity

Integrity, authenticity, dignity, sanity are words that describe a sense of wholeness and coordination within one’s self. The feeling of dignity has an uprightness to it and the sensation of being together. Mind, emotions, physical body, energy, and one’s spiritual presence are collected when we are feeling authentic. It is this togetherness that gives one the experience of sanity, a deep, abiding composure.

The experiences of integrity, etc. also have the felt sense of core. The central channel of the spine and the column of lighted beingness that runs through our manifest expression (incarnation) is part of this feeling of core and its stable demeanor. We meditate with all of this in this sitting.

integrity 022119

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