Meditation: naturally occuring

When one sits up, there is a feeling of up. When one sits down, there is a set of sensations that one perceives as stability, safe, grounded. These feelings and the human interpretation of them are naturally occurring.

Awareness is too.

When one is meditating, or concentrating on a project, reading a good book of any kind, or contemplating, time is flexible. It morphs and dissolves, sometimes stands still and in others is an elongated sustention.

Time is actually timeless, and Awareness is too.

We meditate with “naturally occurring timeless awareness.” (thank you, Longchenpa)

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Interconnected: Nov. Day of Meditation

Thank you to everyone who meditated today. The next Day of Meditation for the World and Humanity will be Sat. December 5.


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Meditation: awakening, ordinary

The fullness of everyone’s inner Being and pure, unconditioned Awareness is already present within. It’s quite astounding to contemplate that; even more astounding to recognize the immediate awareness in any moment. How does one do that? By being present to the full direct experience of the moment, the sensation, the emptiness-fullness that is expressing. Is that awakening? No. But it is the necessary ground for it.

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Meditation: As it is within each of us, so may it be for the world

A variety of qualities arise within a meditation sitting, just as they might as one is in Nature or in quiet contemplation. This sitting invokes that those qualities waft into the world and resonate with the same within all beings.

Many events are occurring in the world today and this week. The U.S. election is one which will effect the world significantly, but for those living in the Indonesian islands torn apart by typhoon or those living in the aftermath of yet another hurricane in the southern states of the U.S. or small business owners in numerous countries closing their doors due to increased coronavirus cases, the U.S. election is not their immediate concern. We hold all people in loving-kindness and clarity in order to support the needs of all beings everywhere.

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Meditation: present to present being

Simple again because presence is simple, being present is simply open, and simply open is.

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