no online meditation: Tues. Oct. 18-Oct. 29. See you on Nov. 1.

Hi friends,

We are having a week-long meditation retreat here in Jaroso soon. A few of us are working round the clock (kinda!) to prepare food, clean houses, and such. Doing so as meditation practice is such good training!

So, please meditate while we are not online together. We’ve been exploring more of our reality, so there’s lots to contemplate in the moment and meditate with when one chooses.

I love you all! – donna

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Meditation: prajna, the nonduality of obvious and subtle

A meditation practice invites noticing the relatedness of the obvious and the subtle. Whether the macro of the world and the micro of your life mirroring each other in some way or displaying how interwoven they are or the example of the change in seasons which comes on slowly and with subtlety until one week, yup, the season has changed.

There is the blatant immediacy and feelings of an emotion; and then there is the complexity of sub-emotions, narratives, and thoughts that subtly are present within the obvious and immediate.

Examples abound. We meditate on and with this nondual/non-two feature of perception and our life. Even the image below displays this: the obvious sunflower and the less obvious prayer flags or other flowers.

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Meditation: prajna, examine

Self-reflection. Self-exploration. Self-discovery. Self-liberation. What more need be said?

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Meditation: prajna, beauty, harmonious state

Present-moment Awareness is a harmonious state. That is easily recognizable when we are Present. But, what might be less acknowledged is how harmony, unto itself, is benevolent to all beings within us (microbes, endorphins, and so forth), around us, and in the world. How so? It is due to a harmonious state being harmonious! It is naturally resonant, peaceful, inclusive, and energetically at ease.

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Meditation: prajna, beauty inside

What is your unique experience of beauty?


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