Meditation: own-being

There are many benefits that can and will result from a meditation practice. Components of a practice have been used for millennia to ease pain, to support creativity, and to facilitate better relational skills. Nature, with its flowing water or falling snow, blossoms, leaves, stature and completions like a falling leaf or changing seasons, confirm that thoughts, emotions, and our very life is the same: fluctuating and impermanent. Such contemplations married with focused, softened one-pointed attention are hallmarks of meditation practice and training around the world and through human time.

Such practices and foci lead to the comprehensiveness of Awareness (called by any of its many names and terms). Ultimately, it’s that simple.

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Meditation: all is awareness

This is a literal statement.

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Meditation: in the moment

I have a wish, a prayer, a daily vision: that everyone discovers intrinsic awareness in some way a little more each day. And, I know that because we are this awareness, live from it every moment, sense through our senses, experience thought and cognition, emote, enjoy and love, then this wish will be fulfilled. Each person, in any moment or situation, can easily awaken.


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Meditation: living awareness

Good things take time.

  • A seed producing fruit or vegetable, flower or the majesty of a tree;
  • a baby in the womb or a child newly born to become the fullness of person he or she can be;
  • to build a home, a relationship,
  • to learn to read, write, process mathematics, learn to play an instrument or to be a dancer,

these take a fullness of time in order to manifest their possible result. Meditation does too. It also is no different than these examples, in that, through the entire process of becoming, a living awareness is stabilizing.

In meditation, like relationships, peak experiences are desired and sought. And, as vibrant and meaningful as they can be, they do not last. But a meditation practice that establishes a person more and more with awareness forefront, that practice is truly working.

What matters is living awareness in any moment.


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Meditation: authenticity

Blessing, Openness, Acceptance. OM AH HUM

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