Physics and Consciousness 11: Uncertainty and the Seven Rays

quantum-imageIn quantum physics, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle boils down to this: we can only determine either the momentum of something or its location. Or said differently, we cannot know both the momentum thus direction of something and know its exact location and therefore its velocity or static position for any particular instant in question. You might say, well right now I can state my location and my momentum: I am sitting in a room and not moving. True, but you are not a quantum particle in your description; your consideration of yourself sitting and reading is out of the greater contexts of which you are a part. If we take account of those macro contexts, then we will find that the quantum Uncertainty Principle absolutely applies. If we consider our self the macrocosm of our moment, then no, we will not perceive Uncertainty or quantum mechanics at work.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Case in point: you are sitting in a room which is on a planet spinning on its axis, orbiting the Sun, which is also moving at the astronomical speed of 52,000 miles per hour in its orbit around its central Sun, all of this is in the Milky Way galaxy which is also moving in space (toward the Andromeda Galaxy, by the way). We get the picture. So, in fact, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle applies and from a macrocosmic point of view anyone sitting or doing anything only seems stationary to herself. In fact he or she is careening through space as well as tilt-whirling on a planet and, as such, the chair-sitting reader’s exact position and momentum cannot be determined for any given moment. The freeze frame of of either momentum and thus direction or location and thus velocity will require different deductions and instrumentation, even if the instrument is our mind.

In order to apply this to the processes of consciousness, we have to talk about The Path itself. The Path of spiritual development, or the spiritual path, has both linear and looping or non-linear qualities. We experience both and consciousness uses both (and maybe more) in order to develop, express, and transform everything in the process. Yet we experience and recognize either the linear or the non-linear nature of the Path and of its processes (development, expression, transformative or magical properties) according to what we are looking for or able to recognize. In this way, our understanding and experiences are just as the quantum physicist wanting to know the position or momentum of a quantum particle or photon. The physicist cannot have both pieces of data from one observation; the Uncertainty Principle disallows this. We can either “see” the observable results of the path of a particle or we can isolate the particle and determine its nature.

All-seeing-eye-And that’s the crux of it: we can either “see” the observable results of the path of a particle or we can isolate the particle and determine its nature. Equally, as we proceed along our Path of Consciousness and its trajectory of development we can stop and observe how we are living our spiritual Path and the results of living that way OR we can try to pin point the qualities of an energy nature that is “causing” our Path to be what it is. Then like any physicist, once we know some data from both observations we can combine it into one understanding of ourself and the Path and how it works.

Everything is a possible demonstration of the Path: every skill, interest, avoidance, Achille’s heel personality flaw, as well as love, dedication, creativity, and more. Consciousness is grown and used, integrated and thus normalized, then grown some more, and the spiral continues endlessly. Everything is fodder and equally an expression of inner being and consciousness or lack thereof. Thus any aspect of our living and loving, interests, and that which we have no interest in at all are displaying the core nature of the energies that constitute each of us. In esoteric language, these are called the Seven Ray energies. They are causative in the same way that a photon within an radio wave can only cause certain effects in the electrons it encounters. The photon will pass its energy (radio wave energy) to the electron, and the electron will absorb or be changed through repulse by the type of radio wave energy of the photon. (This is so for every type of light wave: gamma, x-ray, microwave, etc). Similarly, we are effected and our Path is conditioned by the essential Ray energies that are in our constitution.

As I give the “names” of the Seven Rays, try to hear them as expressions of cosmic Beingness, as emanations through all space-time constantly creating and demonstrating. The caliber and scale of them is common all around and within us while at the same time merely a fraction of their potency is being expressed within Earth planetary life.

The First Ray of Will and Power
The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom
The Third Ray of Creative Active Intelligence
The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict
The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science
The Sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion
The Seventh Ray of Order and Ceremonial Magic

A few non human examples of Ray expression:

First Ray: eruptions of every kind (a seed bursting in Spring, a volcano, the birth of any form of life, a whale or great white shark breaching, a super nova exploding, a solar flare and its emissions
Second Ray: roundness and therefore the relation of center and periphery (the trunk of a tree or a plant stem, any planet, its core and its spheroid form, similarly so for an star or collection of stars into the form of disk or spiral galaxy, the spinal column and the bones that run off it in all animals, the round beginning in any flower shape regardless of its eventual complete design)
Third Ray: multiplicity and complexity (the branching of stems, capillaries, tributaries, or ideas; diversity in any regard
Fourth Ray: bridging or linking (harmonics, octaval relations, mathematical rapports, equivalences as well as common denominators in any regard such as predation or herbivore or the vibration of C or the color white
Fifth Ray: clarity (brightness, magnitude or amplification of the quality of light, iridescence, aspects of photosynthesis, discovery by any animal and thus learning)
Sixth Ray: aspiration (reaching up, out, toward seen in all plants, evaporation, perfecting observed in plants with color, perfume, etc and with animals with mating rituals)
Seventh Ray: orchestration (flocks of birds, schools of fish, integrated oneness of biodiversity in any ecosystem, orbital placement of planets in any solar system, arms of a spiral galaxy)

Therefore, just as a microwave photon cannot give gamma radiation energy to an electron, similarly we can only work with and express the Rays that are in our constitution. We have several but no one has all seven of them. Thus, for example, I do not have the Seventh Ray within my constitution (mind, emotions, physical body, soul type, or monad). This does not mean that I cannot bring order to my life, but someone with that Ray will do so with ease or naturally and I have to work at it. The Uncertainty Principle is at work here in that someone with a Ray will always express the quality of the Ray but not necessarily in a positive or beneficial way, just as the gamma photon will always express its gamma-ness. In other words, location for consciousness is analagous to type or nature. We will not find a fish in the desert, likewise we will not find a person living a 5th ray life without it in his or her constitution.

red boat The momentum of consciousness translates as richness or fullness of expression within the spiritual Path. As we look to the people we know or can witness on the news or in the public forum, etc, we see a variety of depth of character, self-awareness, and wisdom of greater considerations. Religious or not, meditative or not, the spiritual path includes all walks of life and ways of being. An analogy for the momentum or vortex of consciousness effecting our life is the bow of a boat, and the effects of the vortex (momentum) represented by the swath behind the boat. The bow of the boat points through the water but the waves off the side of the boat and the width of the “disturbance” in the water behind the boat is quite wide, and both waves and changed water patterns behind the boat keep rippling out until the momentum is absorbed by the water (which has taken on that momentum as energy). In this case, the bow of the boat is the quality of the Ray; and the results moving out into our life and lives (in all their expressions) is the momentum of that Ray. And we are moved along our spiritual Path by the Ray’s reassertion over and over again.

Skills, interests, relationships, and disinterestedness all come from the Rays within us. The nature of the Ray locates us within the spectrum of qualities of that Ray and its momentum is the particularity of the spiritual Path lived by the consciousness of each person.

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